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Mar 10, 2009 04:19 PM

Eating Around Vegas in a Wheelchair

I plan on flying into Vegas on a Sunday afternoon to meet friends staying at Caesar's and will fly home Thursday morning. Due to the timing I plan on eating at Koi on Tuesday, either Picasso on Monday or Guy Savoy on Wednesday and maybe Lotus of Siam on the day I don't have my two star Michelin meal.

As a guy in a wheelchair are there any accessible eating establishments I should check out? I'd also like to hear recommendations on other things to get into besides gambling 24/7. Thanks for your input.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My roommate is in a wheelchair and never has had a problem accessing any restaurant on or off the Strip.

      1. Lotus is one of my favorite places in Vegas, but it isn't real accessible. That being said, I love it! Picasso is solid, but if I were picking one place to eat in Vegas it would be between Guy Savoy and Restaurant Charlie. If you like wine, The Cellar at Rio is very cool. Just a note, the Sushi Bar at Koi is NOT Wheelchair Accessible (unless you can transfer, of course.). I love eating in the lounge, however.

        1. Saw your request on another LV thread. I do not know from personal experience, but have to say that I have observed many, many wheelchair-bound individuals in most places in LV. On our last visit, I believe that there was a convention, or at least a gathering, as about 10% of all the folk that I saw were in some sort of wheelchair.

          Again, through casual observation only, it did not appear that any were having any difficulty traversing the Strip - no more than I was, without a wheelchair.

          I cannot address restaurant acces, but it *seemed* that most were totally accessible. Things might be different, when that is the only way to get in and be seated.

          We travel with my M-I-L, who is totally bound to her wheelchair, so I do see locations in a different light nowadays.

          I think one would be fine in LV. I do not have any specific recommendations, but will have to say that almost every restaurant we have dined at, with M-I-L, has been great at explaining their access, though none in LV. I'd first look to the cuisine that you want, and then make a call. I would be surprised if the staff did not give you a joyous welcome, and point you to any ramps, or elevators.

          One recent restaurant in New Orleans had no ramp, but they had two strong young guys waiting curb-side and they snatched up M-I-L and had her seated comfortably, before we could get the door closed on the auto! They took her back to the car, and even packed her travel chair, while we were just exiting. OK, they did not have a ramp, but they had a plan and it worked beautifully.

          Good luck,


          1. I've had quite a bit of experience helping people with wheelchairs in LV, and as others have indicated, most of the places on the Strip are not only set up to accommodate wheelchairs, but have much experience doing so. I've only accompanied one person with a wheelchair to Lotus. As foodgimp indicates, it isn't particularly well set up for wheelchairs, but it isn't a problem, either, especially once you get past the narrow entranceway. Most of the tables in the middle of the room can easily handle wheelchairs. You might want to make a reservation and tell them about your situation - everyone at Lotus will try to make you comfortable.