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Best Beer Restaurants in Phoenix?

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I am going to Phoenix this weekend and I need to plan my eating/drinking itinerary. I've been before, so I know a few of the basics, but I need input from you folks.

These are probably closer to the bar side of the bar-to-restaurant spectrum, but I will start the list with:


What else you guys have for me?

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    1. Cornish Pasty Company - GREAT BEER on tap!

      Cornish Pasty Co
      960 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

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      1. re: ejs1492

        EJS1492: Any idea what they have? Their website doesnt offer a drinks menu.

      2. I also just noticed that THE VIG holds itself out as a gastropub, but their website does not have a drinks menu. I emailed them. This place any good for food and/or beer?

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          I wouldn't consider the Vig to be a "great" place for beer. However, they do have a "seasonal" or rotating beer on tap that can be very hit or miss. I was very happy a few weeks ago when they had Red Seal on tap. If the season beer is a "miss" then you are left with rather pedestrian choices.

          I do like the food and atmosphere at the Vig, especially out on the Patio.

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            From what I can tell, AZHOTDISH is the Phoenix All-Star of the Chowhound forum. Excellent suggestions in many threads.

            J&G looks fantastic. Steak tartare frites, Swet & Sour Pork Belly bar apps sound perfect. Pair them with a Schneider Aventinus and an Avery IPA. Beautiful.


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              Please do report back, I love that Avery IPA. Thanks for your kind words.

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                BTW if you are a big IPA drinker, it might be worth calling Four Peaks to see if they have their Raj IPA on cask. The menu is slightly-upscale bar food executed well.

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                  Funny you say that. I was in AZ around this time in 2008. I went to Four Peaks. Had their IPA on cask. I couldnt stop drinking it. I think I tried one other beer for the sake of diversity, but returned to the casked IPA the rest of the night.

              1. There is a new(ish) place in Tempe called Sign of the Whale. I've only been once but they did have a good selection of local beer, (Four Peaks, something from Tucson, & Electric from Bisbee). The manager spoke with us briefly & seemed to really know & like his beers.
                GREAT fish & chips.
                Boyfriend said the burger was just "OK".

                Sign of a Whale
                1706 E Warner Rd, Tempe, AZ

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                  If "Sign of the Whale" had Electric beer from Bisbee that beer is old as f-- b/c I went to Bisbee about 12 months ago and they told me the Electric Brewery had closed down... so you're looking at Beer at least a year old.

                  If you truly want a great beer in Arizona, I just discovered this microbeer called "Bud Light" lol jk.

                  The British Open Pub is right around the corner from Papago Brewery (same strip mall location) and has a pretty solid selection of beers from the UK and other parts of Europe.

                  However the service there usually sucks; the waitresses can't be bothered to take your order half the time.

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                    i love the roosevelt, great beers, good snacks. sonora brewhouse on camelback is good. i also LOVE the lost leaf, but no food.

                    and maizies...

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                      I believe Electric Dave fired the brewery back up a few months ago. Also, I noticed his stuff at AJ's recently.

                  2. Four Peaks
                    Gordon Biersch
                    Sonoran Brew House
                    San Tan Brewing Company

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                    1. re: Tom June

                      Trent-Cinq on 7th, I think.

                      Heard that a new Belgian pub was in the works somewhere in Phonix, any word?

                      1. re: chimay5

                        Has Trent-Cinq upgraded their beer offerings? On our visit a couple of years ago, they had four labels listed on the menu (all bottles, no draft) and three actually available for purchase. I loved the food, but found the lack of a serious beer selection to be a major negative, especially for a Belgian restaurant.

                    2. Papago and Four Peaks are musts. Everything else is just noise.

                      1. I know it's too late to help the OP now, but for the record: if you love Papago's beer but not their food, just walk a few doors west to the Egyptian restaurant in the same plaza. They have kushari (which I haven't seen elsewhere), good babaganoush, and a variety of odd but tasty versions of hummus.

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                          Thanks for the tip! Do you have any idea how late it's open (or what its name is for that matter)? I go to Papago a lot but generally go pretty late in the evening and the only thing I ever eat there is the spinach/artichoke dip, which is not really that good but is better than most of the other offerings on the menu.

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                            It's called the Nile Cafe. I don't know their hours, but it's a small place (and I think family-run) so I doubt it's open very late. They have a web page, but it's pretty rudimentary: http://www.nilecafe.net/scottsdalemen...

                            We've gone before going to Papago, to cheer up the designated driver (usually me, sigh); the Papago food isn't nearly tasty enough to compensate for the sorrows of having to severely curtail my beer consumption!

                            1. re: bortukan

                              dropping in some place links...

                              Papago Brewing Co
                              7107 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

                              Nile Cafe (Scottsdale)
                              7051 E McDowell Road, Scottsdale, AZ

                        2. mrnas - where did you end up?

                          i wanted to bump this because i was impressed with Region's Bistro's beer list. i am hoping to get over there this week.

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                          1. re: azhotdish


                            Regions Bistro & Bar
                            9343 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ

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                              has anyone tried Regions Bistro & Bar? They have a Tempe location as well......the menu looks interesting