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Mar 10, 2009 03:21 PM

Eating in Rome on Sunday

Many of the restaurants I've read about and want to try are close on Sunday. I've been told by my hotel that the following are open. Does anyone know which one is best? I'm looking for authentic, reasonably priced food for a family of 6 adults. Thank you!

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  1. That is a pathetic list and one that suggests the hotel has an agreement with these places. There have been many, many discussions of Sunday dining on this board, so you should start with a search. Also note that many restaurants are open Sunday for lunch even if they are closed in the evening. The traditional thing to do on a Sunday evening is have a pizza, if you have any room after a proper Sunday lunch.
    Al Ceppo is a wonderful restaurant open Sunday evening. I believe the trattoria Fiammetta is open. Giggetto, in the Ghetto, is open. A few others: Dal Bolognese, Al Bric, La Campana, Capricci Siciliani, Cavour 313, Il Focolare, Giuda Ballerino, Gusto, Montevecchio, Al Presidente, Tram Tram, Vecchia Roma (P. Campitelli).

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      If you mean Giarrosto dal Toscano on Via Germanica, I can tell you that I have never had a bad meal there and have enjoyed every dish I have ordered. I thing there may be another restaurant in Rome with a similar name, but this one I know is good.

    2. I endorse Al Bric for Sunday dinner, as we did exactly that, and had a great meal. If I recall, Maureen Fant posted a list of Sunday restaurants either on her website, or in a post on this board last year.