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Mar 10, 2009 02:33 PM

2 Mil. Lunch Options

Hello all. I'll be heading back home to Milwaukee, WI for spring break in a few days (Excitement!), and my Dad and I are looking for at least 2 lunch places on Monday and Tuesday. On Saturday, we are heading to Maxie's Southern Comfort, and later on in the week we are checking out Hinterland Gastropub - just for reference. I was looking at some places, and a few popped up and I wanted to know some opinion about them.
1. Coquette Cafe
2. Cubanitas
3. Merkato Colombian Bakery - Will it fill us up enough? Or is it just a bakery?
4. Umami Moto
5. Mason Street Grill

Any others we should check out? It may also be important to point out that it will be about a 30-45 minute drive to the destination, so we want to make out miles count :)

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  1. Coquette is extremely steady and delicious approachable and mostly afordable French cuisine, in a bistro sort of way. Steak frites, coq au vin, bibb lettuce salad with buttermilk dressing all standouts. Just outside Coquette's door is a bakery/lunch counter operated by Sandy D'Amato (of Coquette) called Harlequin - excellent choice for pizza, sandwiches and soups (the chicken pot pie soup is excellent). Cubanitas is less formal, order at the counter and sit at a table. Gets crowded at noon sometimes, but you can sit at the bar. Cuban sandwich is stellar, as are empanadas. Have heard of but I don't know Merkato. Umami Moto is a little full of itself, from my view. And Mason Street Grill is very good, associated with Pfister Hotel. Bigger plates, steaks, seafood, etc - only place in town you can get fried surf clams, which I recommend if you like that sort of thing. I posted earlier this week re Maxie's - love it (but not open for lunch). I have been to Hinterland in Green Bay but not this one. If you are up for it, another very solid lunch choice is Sha Jee's - Pakistani in the basement level across Jefferson Street from Watts' Tea Shop. Order the Tuesday Special (any day of the week!). And, if you feel like eating with your Grandma, head upsatairs (back across the street) at Watts - they actually have really tasty sandwiches (including watercress and olive!) and the very best cake in town, the Sunshine Cake. Enjoy.

    1. Mekato's is a restaurant as well as a bakery. They have great food, and you can definitely fill up - my problem is always ordering too much. But it's a smallish place that's not fancy at all. You order at the counter, then sit at formica booths or tables. If you're looking to be waited on, or if you want alcohol, then Mekato's wouldn't work. Otherwise, It's great - it's my favorite place in Milwaukee.

      I've been to Cubanita's, too, and it's fine - the food is good, but they allow smoking (Mekato's is all non-smoking). The atmosphere is casual-nice; someone in a suit wouldn't be out of place, though jeans would be acceptable, too. I haven't been to the others, so I can't compare.

      Have a nice time in MKE!


      1. Coquette is always great, I'd skip Mason st, its decent but nothing special- at all. Hit up Benji's deli in shorewood on oakland. Its a milwaukee classic with great corned beef and NYC style deli fare.