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Mar 10, 2009 02:01 PM

Irish salmon ideas?

I thought I would add some type of salmon to the menu for an upcoming St.Patrick's Day dinner I am hosting. I know smoked salmon is traditional Irish but am considering some type of cured salmon -- something along the lines of gravlox -- as an alternative. Any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. Drizzle salmon with olive oil. Combine panko bread crumbs with chopped pistachio nuts and coat the fish with the crumb mixture. Bake.

    Or in a food processor make a batch of basil pesto (pistachio nuts can be substituted for the traditional pine nuts) and drizzle the pesto over a baked salmon prior to serving.

    1. A lot of Irish restaurants in NYC do a BLT subbing salmon for bacon. Anything typically made with bacon maybe. Not sure what your menu theme would be? Guess I'm thinking more smoked.

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        I have a beef brisket corning and plan a "traditional" Irish corned beef dinner -- boiled vegetables, soda bread, etc. While I like smoked salmon (a lot), I think it might clash with rest of the table. That's why I'm looking for a lighter alternative, e.g.: cured salmon.