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Mar 10, 2009 01:55 PM

Houston to Dallas Roadtrip

Anyone have any food recommendations between Houston and Dallas? Really anything that is unique to the area (not something I can find in Houston).

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  1. Woody's is always a must stop for jerkey in Centerville. BBQ isn't good but the jerkey is great, especially the buffalo. Also check this previous thread:

    1. Any Ice Cream places? You can only eat at so many Dairy Queens . . .

      1. After I stop at Woody's I'm always ready for another stop in Corsicana at the Collin Street Bakery. They make nice fresh sandwiches if you don't want the fast food you normally find on the road. Best of all is their pecan pie. It's really unbelievable. Their home made breads are good, like a jalepeno cheese and a cinnamon loaf w/ icing.

        1. I always make time for a stop at the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church and Barbecue in Huntsville. Not that far from Houston, I know, but you requested a recommendation for "not something I can find in Houston."

          Thus far in my Houston barbecue quest, anyway, I haven't found anything nearly so good as NZMBC & BBQ.

          Double-check their hours to see if they'll be open when you're passing through. They're not open every day.

          1. I stopped at Woody's for the first time last week based on on the previous post. Got a bag of Buffalo Jerky for $27 (ouch), but it was good. As far as the BBQ, I had the pork chop and a link of sausage which I thought was outstnding. The chop was reminesent of Coopers in Llano and I liked the vinegary sauce. The brisket, ribs and chicken didn't look too good.

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              I travel that way as I head north to Missouri to visit family. Often pick up a ham at Woody's. A lot of meat, true, but my folks are sure happy to see me arrive.

              With that ham.

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                I am doing a similar trip, but heading off to Tyler. Any suggestions on some good, non chain places on that route?

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                  There is a (small) chain of Mexican food restaurants called The Jalapeno Tree all through east Tx. We ate at the one in Athens several weeks ago and were surprised that it was pretty good. The beef fajitas were delicious and they have excellent margaritas.