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Mar 10, 2009 01:46 PM

Dinner and music.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant/ bar in the city that has a good offering of both?

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  1. Are you looking for live music? If so, what kind do you prefer?

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    1. re: RGR

      Forgot about that....yes, I am looking for live music. Cuban music sounds good; any good jazz places with good food? Thanks again. I love this board!

        1. re: LeahBaila

          On a whim, I caught an excellent jazz trio at the Jazz Standard a couple of weeks ago.

          i sat at the bar and only ordered drinks and nachos that came with a tasty cheese/bacon dip. But since it's part of Blue Smoke and the whole Danny Meyer empire, I see that the food being served to others look very appealing and appetizing. Just like the rest of Danny Meyer's joints, service is good to very good.

          BTW, i loved the dip that my nachos came with ... didn't taste like it was just poured out of a supermarket -bought jar.

          Also, fyi on the entrance fee or cover charge. i don't know if it changes depending on the performers but it was $30 per person that night.

        2. re: imdrifting

          In addition to what's mentioned below (above?): Arturo's, for pizza.

          What about Birdland? Has anyone reading had any savory items there? If so, how were they? I've only had drinks (mediocre and overpriced) and dessert (very good).

          1. re: Pan

            I've been only once. We went specificly to see the music. The food was eh and overpriced; the music was fantastic. And we got to see Oscar Peterson before he passed away.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          I went there last June or so, and I agree. The food is fine and fairly-priced and the music is good.

        2. Cornelia Street Cafe - decent food, excellent music, comedy, and storytelling. Old Village place owned by artists and writers.

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          1. re: wheatfields

            I find the food very underwhelming there. But unless I'm very much mistaken, you cannot eat any food in their music room.

          2. There's a little French bistro on St Mark's place called Jules that has live jazz. The food is not too expensive, good and the music is great also. It is a small bistro that is welcoming to its patrons. They don't fuss with you when you want to linger with a glass of wine to listen to the music.

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            1. re: cricri7

              The last time I went there, the bill was something like $112 including tax and tip for two people for dinner. The place is perfectly OK (maybe not super-fresh for mussels, but otherwise, everything was good), but considering that you can get a really good meal at Lupa for about the same price, I don't think a merely solid and OK-to-good bistro charging that much - despite being inexpensive FOR A FRENCH PLACE IN NEW YORK - is a very good value. "Not too expensive" is a question of perspective.