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Mar 10, 2009 01:45 PM

great pancakes make me moan

I love a great pancake and the best I've had so far are at Cafeteria -the lemon ricotta. Since much has been made on this board about Clinton Street Bakery and their maple butter pancakes - I went off today to try Clinton Street's pancakes.

First off - love Clinton Street Bakery - the feel of the place is wonderfully relaxed (in a crowded ny sort-of way). Other dinners' dishes looked mouth-watering and I will certainly go back there to eat. But the pancakes - have to say - a little disappointing. The maple butter syrup was the let down. People rave about it - and to each his/her own. For me - it was too greasy tasting and not sweet enough. No moan factor on the pancakes - but will be enticed back by what I saw others served (grass always greener?) ... despite the "preciousness" of Cafeteria - those lemon ricotta pancakes make me moan in culinary delight.

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  1. I wish they served their Classic Chocolate Chunk Pancakes all year round, which I prefer strongly. Even though I like these pancakes, the Chocolate ones are just, wow... why do they have to serve only two days this entire year?! =(

    1. Clinton Street's are of the fluffy, spongey variety of pancake. And they are quite large. The maple butter is literally that: maple + butter. It's supposed to taste like melted butter.

      If you want a smaller, moist, creamy one (I assume that's what you want) because you like ricotta ones, then they will disappoint. Try the lemon ricotta pancakes at Shopsin's or Sarabeth's instead.

      1. My favorite pancakes are the cornmeal blueberry pancakes that I've had at Polly's Pancakes in Sugar Hill, NH. The closest to that I've had in NYC are the cornmeal pancakes with fruit at Alice's Tea Cup. The fruit is on the side, rather than cooked in, like at Polly's, but still very good.

        Alice's Tea Cup
        102 W 73rd St, New York, NY 10023

        1. For simple yet great, upstairs at Fairway.

          1. The original comment has been removed