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Mar 10, 2009 01:03 PM

Nantucket-High End

It's early, but I find the winter and so called "Spring" more bearable if I daydream about our Nantucket vacation this summer. What are people's thoughts on The Summer House, Straight Wharf, and Topper's (Have been to The Pearl ). Is there any place better than these? If we could only go to 2 of the 3...which ones?

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  1. toppers first,straight wharf second and summer house least thats the order i would say the last time i was out there,but they are all great.its hard to really say whats the best.

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    1. re: im hungry

      I agree with imhungry with his/her choices, and the fact that it's hard to say what's the best! I would skip the Summer House entirely (for food): it's outrageously expensive and not good! I do love the pool area restaurant on the beach for lunch because it's just so pretty, but the food is expensive and nothing to write home about. Go to SH for a drink (and those are $$$ too). Topper's is also great for lunch, and you get to see the view in daylight. PLus, the last couple years they have been doing a lunch special in the Spring for $25 ($21?? I can't remember.) which is a great deal for that place. Since you asked about high end, I will recommend The Galley at Cliffside Beach. It's expensive but the view is killer (it's on the beach!) and the food and people watching are great. Straight Wharf is great!

    2. Toppers is nice...Alot of chefs moving around check on White Elephant too.

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        Chef24- by White Elephant, do you mean Brant Pont Grille? I don't know, that property can never get it together...different chef every year, some corporate guy, waitstaff young and inexperienced. Nice view though. Yes, there are a lot of chefs moving around this year, and a lot of new restaurants as well. Should be interesting.

        1. re: ciclista

          yes that is it .. good menu ..hope it equals the view,,

      2. Didn't the Summerhouse close a few years ago?

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        1. re: pobo

          No, the Summer House did not close, but some times I wonder how they stay open. It's outrageously expensive and not very good! It has great nostalgic value for a lot of people I guess, plus, they have a lot of weddings there and those weddings probably help keep it afloat.

        2. I am still daydreaming about Lo La 41 on Beach Street. We were there in September for our anniversary and the food was great. Only open for dinner and you will need a reservation, the place is hopping.

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          1. re: swimmingmom

            Other favs:
            The Boarding House-always had luck here. More "reasonably priced" for Nantucket
            American Season- good, and you pay for it
            personal fav- Black Eyed Susan-love sitting at the counter and watching the chefs do their thing. my favorite Tuna tartare on the island.
            I've heard good things about Sfoglia

            1. re: justbeingpolite

              I love Black Eyed Susan's but didn't mention it because the OP wanted "high end". It's probably my favorite! BES isn't really inexpensive, but because it's BYOB, you always feel like you got a deal because the bill is so (relatively) low. Only caveat with BES is that it has no air conditioning AND it has an open kitchen, so if it's a particularly hot and humid summer, it is insufferable in there. It's fine off-season.

              1. re: ciclista

                We were at Black Eyed Susan this past Saturday and had a wondeful time. We started with the ceasar salad and the tuna tartare with scallions pancakes. The tuna was definitely sushi-grade and the spicy aioli was a perfect touch. I had the linguine with white clam sauce (half portion - it was plenty). I had read on another thread how great it was... and it lived up to "hype". My husband had the ropa veja. He didn't expect it to come with the arepa, but was quite happy with it. BYOB was an added bonus, as we were able to enjoy (bring) a nice bottle of wine, without any of the markups.

                I would highly recommend it. Agree with ciclista - it doesn't have that "high-end" feel... which is actually preferable, very down to earth.

          2. Great regional Cuisine, located on S. Beach St.

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            1. re: leavinglasvegas

              I heard great things about OranMor but unfortunately some stores and restaurants were not open for the season yet... OranMor was one of them. :-(