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Mar 10, 2009 12:04 PM

What restaurants are near the harbor in San Diego?

We're taking an afternoon tour of the harbor and will need either lunch or dinner or both. What kind of restaurants are near (within a couple miles?, not familiar with San Diego at all) the harbor? There will be 2 adults and 2 kids (8 & 11, both very good eaters) so any recs are appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Your best bet is probably the Fish Market - good oyster bar and sushi bar in addition to the main restaurant, it's near the Midway. Anthony's - which is right near where the tours leave, used to be good, but I can't really recommend it now. Maybe if you eat at the Fishette outdoors - but everything there is basically fried.

    1. Ruth Chris is right there.

      If you don't mind going "within a couple miles?" like you said, you can go to Little Italy or the Gaslamp too.

      1. Where exactly on the harbor are you taking your tour? Do you have a car?

        Lunch options I'd consider:
        Mona Lisa in Little Italy
        Blue Water Grille
        Point Loma Seafoods

        Fish Market
        C Level on the outside patio

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          Ummm, North Harbor, I think. Yes, we'll have a car. We'll be driving in from Escondido where we're staying. Which way is Little Italy and Gaslamp? Although fresh seafood does sound good.

        2. We like Fish Market as well as C-Level. Can't beat the view and the food's always been very good when we've gone to either spot.

          1. I'd take a ferry trip over to Coronado and eat at Il Fornaio. They've always happily accommodated our young'un, the food is good, and the view is not only great, but it's of San Diego. The ferry ride is fun and the view from that is good as well, in both directions. Il Fornaio is a short and pleasant walk- less than 5 minutes. Do not be tempted by the two restaurants immediately off the ferry. Get off the ferry dock, turn left onto the sidewalk, and walk until your see the place.

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              Peohe's--one of the two "immediately off the ferry" places--has exceptional onion rings. The rest of the food is good but not special, but the views from the patio of the harbor traffic and downtown San Diego are very, very nice.