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Mar 10, 2009 11:42 AM

Whopper Bar now open

So far just Orlando but will open in Munich, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore in the next 12 months.

"Burger-lovers select from a WHOPPER® sandwich, DOUBLE WHOPPER® sandwich or the new Steakhouse XT™ – a casual dining quality burger that boasts an extra-thick patty – and then choose from 22 different WHOPPER® sandwich toppings “fit for a King.” Sandwiches are built to order by an expert “WHOPPER®-ista” from the WHOPPER® Topper, a visible toppings theater that allows guests to choose from favorites like A.1.® Thick & Hearty steak sauce, smoked bacon, Angry onions and guacamole. Guests looking for a little guidance can opt for “Bar Favorites,” which include new sandwiches, like the Bourbon WHOPPER® sandwich, Three-Cheese Steakhouse XT™ and Pepper Bacon Steakhouse XT™ burgers and more familiar offerings, like the Angry WHOPPER® sandwich."

More at:

Any trip reports yet?

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  1. Geez, sounds like a run-of-the-mill Harvey's here in Canada, where you get your choice of a dozen or so toppings, four or five styles of burger (plus hot dogs) , and it all gets assembled in front of you. Of course, we're not so pretentious as to call them "Harvey-istas"; they're just servers. Harvey's ads focus on the theme that you can create your own unique burger, which they then put a name to.

    The patties are pre-fab frozen burgers, but they are cooked just before serving over an open grill. Takes a bit longer than BK/McD, but there are zero microwaves involved. I don't expect to see this "innovation" in Canada any time soon.

    1. Just ate here for the second time. I enjoy it. It really is just a standard BK, with a limited menu. The only difference being, the team actually seems excited to work there and to make your Whopper your way. This, in my opinion, ought to be how all their stores should be run.

      The boxes that they serve your burger in, as opposed to wrapped paper, help keep it tidy. Unfortunately, the weak and sloppy fast food buns, don't do a great job of holding it all in and together.

      If you appreciate the Whopper, and always wished you could find a BK that would make it exactly to your specifications, then your dream has come true. I at least enjoy this more than the rip-off that is known as Five Guys.

      1. More wheel reinventing. I read the website you supplied above, The "Have it your way consept with an urban edge" Oh Brother! This from the folks that brought us flame broiled patty cologne. Here we goooooo..........