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Seeking: inexpensive restaurant near 53rd Street & 2nd Ave

Hi. I want to have a girls dinner close by to 53rd Street & 2nd Ave. Go Sushi closed and I'm not crazy about Taksim. Where do you suggest.eating?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Tenzan, a newer sushi spot on 52 and 2 is good...fresh fish, great value. Curious, how inexpensive are we talking?


    1. Sip Sak (Turkish) seems to be pretty strong, food-wise. (Service is variable.) It's not too spendy. Entrees are all under $20, with many options priced at $13.50.

      There's Ethos (Greek), as well. I've never eaten at the location on 51st and 1st ave, but the one in Murray Hill is very good. There are a few options under $20. For the grilled fresh fish, the best thing on the menu IMO, expect to spend about $25 / whole fish. The Murray Hill location serves this with a (substantial) side dish, pita bread, and a complimentary dessert.

      Sip Sak
      928 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10022

      1. Vero, a wine/panini bar on 53rd and 2nd. Nice menu, not terribly expensive, and if you go on Mondays, you get a free panini when you order a glass of wine.

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          I have to say...I do not think the food at Vero is anything to be admired. However, great for a drink.

        2. Two relatively inexpensive French restaurants are in the area: Montparnesse (51 & 2nd) & Les Sans Cullottes (57 & 2nd). Their prix fixes are IMO worth the money even though you'll be time constrained for ordering. Best of luck.

          1. Naya is a fashionably dressed traditional Lebanese restaurant just a couple blocks away. I haven't been for dinner so I don't know what the ambiance is like after 7, but given the ultra-modern decor, I imagine it can't be too staid.

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              I have eaten dinner at Naya and liked it. It was inexpensive and is a very cool looking restaurant.
              You can also go to Angelo's (55th & 2nd) for thin crust pizza & salads.

            2. Depending on what you order, my favorite restraunt in the area is Seo on 49th between 2nd and 3rd. Try to get a table in the dining area in the back as it has a great view.

              1. If you're into French Bistro, Bistro 61 at 61st and 1st is a great neighborhood place and not too expensive- although 9 blocks might be a bit much in cold weather...

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                  Another french bistro is La Mangeoire on 53rd & 2nd. I also like Luna Piena for italian on 53rd bet. 2nd & 3rd.

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                    I passed by La Mangeoire last weekend and saw signs pasted on the windows about DOH issues. It may not be open.

                2. You should check out BXL- its a Belgian pub with amazing beers and great Belgian food. Its on 51st between 2nd and 3rd.

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                      also jubilee on 54th between 1st/2nd for french. great moules/frites, steak au poivres and profiteroles...