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Mar 10, 2009 10:50 AM

Can I freeze "gussied up" turkey burgers?

Well, I know I *can* freeze them but should I?

I have a recipe where you saute scallions, celery and Granny Smith apples in oil. That's then mixed in with the ground turkey along with s&p, chipotle Tabasco, lemon juice and zest, parsley and Major Grey's chutney.

I recently bought a tiny turkey (maybe 8#) with the idea to make ground turkey and freeze. But now I'm wondering about using the meat to make the burgers and freeze that instead in patties. I've made this recipe once before and it was great. Since I'd be sauteeing the vegs and fruit, the freezing shouldn't materially effect the texture of them. Is there anything I'm not considering here? I just recently made ground beef and formed them all into patties and froze. Not only is it the best hamburger we ever had, it's a luxury to have something like that in the freezer to pull out on relatively short notice. Not really interested in other uses for the turkey at this time. Just whether they ought to freeze without too much loss of taste or whatever. They won't last long in the freezer either :) Thanks all.

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  1. Absolutely, go ahead and freeze them. I regularly make and freeze my own "gussied up" turkey burgers (various kinds) so I can defrost and have a quick meal. As long as you use them, so they're not languishing in your freezer for a long time, they shouldn't suffer.

    Also, I'm stealing your turkey burger recipe. Sounds delicious.

    1. I freeze mine too, with good results.

      Your recipe sounds so good! Going to try it, and maybe freeze it too.

      1. Well, so we can all gussy together, here's the recipe which is actually Donald Trump via Oprah :)

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            I am going to the market tomorrow and I'm gonna make these tomorrow night - even though they're Donald Trump's! Thanks!

            1. re: gansu girl

              I'm making them again tomorrow also. Just got the fresh part. We'll check in with each other. They are really good.

              1. re: gansu girl

                BTW, the math for the amount of burgers is clearly off. Also I make 6oz burgers not 8. Just a heads-up.

                My turkey isn't quite thawed so I've got it soaking in water in the sink. It appears to just be the ice in the middle.

              2. re: c oliver

                Hey, sista! Thanks for this recipe. Made 'em tonight and just loved 'em. Did anyone else notice there must be a typo on the salt in the posted recipe? Pretty sure they meant TEASPOONS of salt rather than TABLESPOONS, yeah? I halved the recipe and cut the salt...kept the Chipotle Tabasco full force, tho'. Yum, yum, yum! Served on a hard roll with avocado and mayo...oh and hand-squeezed ruby red margaritas. Delicious! Great blend of flavors.

                C, as you know, the remaining meat will be grilled a la raclette on Friday as sliders. Thanks again!

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  I guess I put the full amount of salt in. Next one I cook, I'll check for the salt. Does sound like a lot.

                  When we're there, if you have AC, maybe we could turn it on full blast and have raclette!!! :) x,c

              3. perfect timing. i just pulled some turkey from the freezer last nite. =)

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                  I just finished boning the turkey. Quite a bit of work, IMO, cause it's so slippery :) And a 9# turkey (at 99 cents a pound) yielded under 4# of meat. BUT I've got the whole uncooked carcass with skin and some meat that I wouldn't bother with for what should be a killer stock.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    sound pretty awesome. i think that is a fantastic way to save money on meat!

                    doesn't hurt to make a turkey pot pie with the odd meat trimmings and you fantastic stock =)

                2. I made (not particularly gussied up) turkey burgers last night for dinner, served on a bed of garlicky sauteed chard with a fried egg on top and sourdough toast. Had 1.33 lbs of turkey for just two of us, so I made a bunch of burgers (I make em small, about 4 oz) and just figured I'd freeze the extra since I didn't want the raw meat to go bad. Well, turns out the boyfriend ate 4 burgers, so . . . no leftovers. Problem solved! But will definitely note this for the future.