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Mar 10, 2009 10:22 AM

Late Lunch recs for North Hills (Pgh)

My wife and I are venturing up from the South Hills on Saturday, and I am looking for some recs for a nice place for a late lunch/early dinner (3-4pm ish). We generally go to Willow but I'm ready to try another place. Any suggestions? Decent wine/beer required, Vegetarian friendly is useful as well. Thanks!

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  1. Just a mile or so off the Mt. Nebo exit of I79

    Just off the Wexford (rt 910) exit of I 79 Notice that they don't appear to open until 4:30 on Saturday.

    1. Taj Mahal is good Indian. Haven't been to either but look in to Walnut Grove & Passport.

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        I didn't realize that there was a Walnut Grill up there--been to the Shadyside location. Does Taj Mahal serve alcohol?

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          It's not quite the same as Walnut Grill, but it is the same ownership. This is their format Walnut Grove, which they first opened out in Fox Chapel a few years ago. The second Walnut Grove is on Rt 19 in Wexford, just up and across the road from Sheetz (north end of Wexford, getting close to Warrendale). Only been their once, we should probably give another try but it's not typically on the radar for whatever reason.

          I can't remember if Taj Mahal has alcohol. The menu is on here, but they don't mention it. I suspect not then.

          To the rest of the above mentioned stuff I would add Bella Frutteto, just off the Wexford exit. Went for a third time a couple weeks ago, still seems good to me.

      2. Andora's is really a tremendous place...try the crabcakes!!!!

        1. I would also recommend Passport Cafe on Rt. 19 in Wexford - While a little inconsistent, it's pretty good and actually might be ideal for a late lunch/early dinner because they offer a variety of crepes and salads, and have a decent beer/wine selection. They get a good bit of meat, eggs, veg from local sources and it's a relaxing atmosphere for sure.

          If sushi is a consideration, I have had some good sushi and nonsushi items, including a really good salmon bento box, at Yama Sushi on Rt. 228 in Seven Fields/Cranberry. The sushi has mostly been quite good as have the soups and a one or two noodle dishes.

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            Thanks everybody. Leaning towards Andora and I will report back next week!

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              Went to Andora and had a nice meal. The place is not the most attractive nor does it give you the warm fuzzies as it is truly a local's hangout. The food was quite good with great portion sizes, and this is the type of place that takes the time to make sure that the little things are done right, like cooking the green beans perfectly. I had the penne (really good) and my wife had the tuna (also good). My one beef is that the wines by the glass are decent, but the 2 that I ordered had definitely been opened the night before. Overall, worth the trip. Thanks for the rec!