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Mar 10, 2009 10:13 AM

Smoked Tofu in Seattle?

Anyone know where to get this? It is called for in various recipes from Fuschia Dunlop's Hunan cookbook. Thanks.

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  1. 99Ranch Edmonds might be as good a bet as anywhere. I know I've seen baked there, but haven't looked for smoked. It is the largest Chinese oriented grocery chain in the area.

    1. Try:
      Thanh Son Tofu 118 12th Ave.
      Northwest Tofu 1911 S. Jackson St.

      1. I just bought some at the Greenlake PCC.
        It was good, but could have been smokier.

        1. Smoked pressed tofu is the one that gets thinly sliced and served with peanuts or little dried fish, right? 2d the suggestion to hit Northwest Tofu on Jackson towards Washington Middle school---I've seen bags of blocks of it in the case. You might have to ask for it or order it so be prepared and bring the characters if you can't speak Chinese. Like everythng in the to-go case, it seems to go in and out of the case.

          so whatcha making??????????????????

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          1. re: jenn

            Thanks everyone for the tips. We are deep into Dunlop's Revolutionay Chinese Cuisine right now, and want to make one or more of the smoked bean curd dishes. Tonight, we are going to make ma la chicken and spicy eggplant pot.

            1. re: equinoise

              If you are looking to do a local veggie dish from that book, the cabbage dishes--either the one with the bacon or the other with just chilis, if I recall correctly, are awesome. Try sub'ing the Sea Breeze farm bacon in the bacon stuff--most yummy.

              1. re: jenn

                Cool. I was going to use bacon for one of smoked tofu dishes.

                I'll go one further. We used Wooly Pigs' pork belly in the "back in the pot" pork recipe and it was ridiculously good, nearly too good, if you know what I mean; those are "lard-type" pigs.