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Mar 10, 2009 09:24 AM

Merkato 55 Brunch Experience

Hi Chowhounders! My friends and I are interested in attending the weekend party (brunch) at Merkato 55. If you have been there for brunch it would be great to get your thoughts and also find out what time you suggest we make the reservation for.

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  1. I popped in to Merkato 55's "brunch" one Saturday afternoon around 4:30 and people were dancing on the tables and the music was ear-splittingly loud. I left after a few intolerable minutes. If you ever went to Crobar and thought to yourself, "this seems like a great atmosphere for brunch," then you'd love Merkato 55. Otherwise, I would suggest you look elsewhere.

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    1. re: Desidero

      Is this loosely modeled after Bagatelle's party brunch?

      1. re: LeahBaila

        its supposed to be a douche-filled experience...check eater's awesome pics...

      2. OMG. I had the misfortune of going to Merkato 55 for a brunch date. Maybe it just wasn't my scene, but i wanted to kill myself for the duration of my eggs benedict....although, my date was enjoying it (red flag!). House music, dancing on tables. Euro "fashionistas" & the i-bankers who love them (or vice versa). It seemed lame to me. However, if you're looking for a daytime party vibe (and you like that type of crowd), this will fit the bill. We went at 3pm and it was full effect. I still would like to try out Merkato 55 for dinner though.

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          Thanks everyone!!!! This isn't my scene either. I'm going to suggest to my friends we go someplace else.