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Mar 10, 2009 09:11 AM

KC- Friday Dinner Spot for (Catholic) Sports Watching Group

I have friends coming in town this weekend and I'm looking for a good place to go to dinner. There will be 4 of us, and they're all Catholic, so no meat.
Can you think of a decent restaurant that would have other options, and TVs to catch the Big 12 tournament games on? Looking for Brookside-Downtown.
The places they've thrown out I'm less than thrilled wiith: 810 Zone and McFaddens. I need help!

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  1. We love the fish tacos at Sol Cantina (31st & Gillham). Many HD TV's around.

    1. What about Spin Pizza? They have a great bar area with big TV's. Otherwise...75th Street Brewery - fish and chips, etc. Bulldog? What sort of food are you looking for? Bar food or better?

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        I love Bulldog, but not enough tv's I think, we would have to eat on that other side. The new Spin has a TV? I didn't notice! Thanks!

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          yes, 2 huge flat screens over the bar area. you could see them anywhere you sit. and, bonus, it's close to the plaza! 75th street would have limited views of tvs. agreed on heatherkay's assessment of brookside all the catholics in the neighborhood. oh, the gaf - you'd have to sit in the bar area but they'll tvs and food a cut above typical bar food.

      2. I'd be very suprised if most of the Brookside restos didn't have Lenten specials, given the demographics of the neighborhood. I've had perfectly passable fish and chips (bar style) at Charlie Hoopers and LOTS of TVs. Are you trying to get away from sports bars in general or 810/McFaddens in particular?

        ETA -- I just thought of a great option. one80 in Westport is a great place to watch a game and the food is definitely a cut above bar food.

        1. I haven't payed attention to the TV options, but 75th Street Brewery has great fish and chips (more than one kind) and other non meat options.

          1. Just a reminder, Folks, this board is about finding great local chow, please keep the focus on venues where you can find great food and drink that happen to have TV's, but let's emphasize the food and drink, not the TV watching options.

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              Atmosphere is not part of the combination in selecting a restaurant?