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Mar 10, 2009 08:40 AM

Recommendation for an upscale business lunch spot in Libertyville general vacinity?

We are taking clients for lunch, and want it to be upscale with good food and ambience...any ideas?

We were thinking Bank Lane Bistro in Lake Forest or Lovell's, but they may be too far...any closer recommendations?

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  1. You cant beat the Tavern in Downtwon L'Ville for great food and ambiance.

    Top grade Prime steaks, great wine list and excellant food all around. If you want upscale Libertyville, this is it:

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      I agree with everything you say about the Tavern. However, unfortunately for the OP, the Tavern is not open for lunch.

    2. I hosted a business lunch at Battio (Italian) in downtown Libertyville and there seemed to be a lot of other business diners there. The food was good, nothing exceptional, but it certainly suited my needs for that day.

      I actually like the Firkin which is also in downtown Libertyville but it may not be suitable for a formal business lunch. It's more of an upscale pub environment, but I found the food to be creative and of great quality. For example, they had a mini-lobtster taco special with jicama and avocado that was phenonmenal! They have an extensive beer list as well if this is drinking business lunch (my favorite type).