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Mar 10, 2009 08:39 AM

Welcome dinner, Minneapolis

Hi all! I know I've been posting a lot about weddings lately, but here's one last question. We're getting married 6/14 and plan on having a welcome dinner for our out of town guests on Friday, 6/12. We are not hosting this dinner, just inviting everyone to meet us out somewhere. We're expecting around 25 people and would like anyone to be able to get a full meal for under $25 (although it's fine if there are more expensive options at the restaurant). We do not need a private space. We would like the restaurant to be in Minneapolis proper and a place that comes to mind when you think of our fair city. Meaning that we don't want to take them for sushi or Vietnamese, etc when it's their first visit to the Midwest. The first place that came to mind for me was Town Talk Diner, but not sure they could hold a party that large. Any ideas?

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  1. It's probably not nice enough, but Matt's Bar is a pretty famous local institution. And inexpensive!

    One step up from that is the Longfellow Grill. Also great food. And right on the river, too. Again, sorry if not nice enough. We can work our way up, tho'. =:o)

    1. Nick and Eddies was running a deal for use of a private room for 16-25 people with an appetizer, a salad, an entrée, and an unlimited supply of red and/or white wine for about $20 (tax and tip excluded). I don't know any more about the deal than is shown in this post ( but I would look into it.

      1. Thanks, I vaguely remembered hearing about Nick and Eddie's, I'll have to email them about that one. Longfellow Grill sounds good too, that might work if they can take a big party.

        1. When I first think of our city's culinary scene, I think of Vietnamese. When everyone else thinks of our city's culinary scene, they think of pig entrails fried up by autistic lumberjacks. But anyway...

          I'd consider Erte. Versatile menu, beautiful location, affordable and able to accommodate a large party. The neighborhood is vintage Minnesota within the city proper, and parking isn't bad.

          1. How about Jax? Could be more than $25 a plate if people are ordering surf and turf, but there are certainly options under $25. I like the classic old-school feel and they can accommodate groups of any size.