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Mar 10, 2009 07:26 AM

Tutto Pasta Opinons?- Madison, WI

I am just wondering if anyone has eaten at Tutto Pasta on State St. in Madison, WI? What are your opnions? What is good to eat there? A good glass of wine there?

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  1. We went there for dinner with a friend about 6 months ago on a trip to Madison. A very average restaurant geared towards students and their visiting parents. We sat in the mezzanine behind a table about about 15 girls eating salads and two tables of what appeared to be students and their parents (this was frosh move-in weekend after-all so it may not always skew this way). It's State St....what are you gonna do?

    I had the Penne Puttanesca which has a very sweet tomato sauce that was not reminiscent of the dish as I have usually had it (it was also presented rather unimaginatively, but for this price...), my wife had the Mount Etna Fusilli...again the sauce tasted canned or jarred and too sweet. Wine list was extensive, but we didn't see any of our favorites but what we had was good pizza-wine.

    If this is someone's favorite spot, they'll hate this comment; but I'd put it just south of Buca as far as food and ambiance goes, though the wine list is far longer

    1. I'd agree w/ Foureyes137 completely. We haven't eaten there in years because our experience was pretty much the same. The cream sauces were just as mediocre. I've even avoided the one on King St. for fear of the same. But, has anyone had a different experience at the King St. location?

      1. Leave the Tutto Pasta on State Street to students and their visiting parents and head to it's UNRELATED namesake on King Street for a great meal and excellent service! New owners Brian and James and a talented new chef are turning things around dish by dish! Great outdoor seating or indoor atrium for larger parties...Pasta is finally cooked to perfection, great variety and friendly, attentive staff make this an easy choice for a great italian meal without a huge price tag! I love the grilled chicken breast on seared spinach with mozzarella and fresh tomatoes...substitute a side of penne with red sauce and I'm in heaven! Trust me they are worth checking out again!

        1. bleh! food is carelessly prepared and boring, service is terrible, tables are too close, and atmosphere stinks. You should head out University Avenue for Lombardino's for excellent creative Italian and some wonderful Tuscan wines.