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Mar 10, 2009 05:45 AM

St. Simmons Island Dinner

My wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary Mar 14th and 15th at the Jekyll island club. Am looking for a nice dinner location for friday night probably on St. Simmons. (can't seem to find anything on Jekyll) We will eat Sturday at the Grand Dining room at Jekyll. Any recs for Friday will be appreciated- any type food and cost is not a problem.

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  1. If you want top-notch seafood, try the Georgia Sea Grill near the Village.

    If you want southern-style cooking, try Barbara Jean's, also near the Village.

    If you want good Italian, try CJ's near the Village.

    Reasonably priced seafood is also available near East Beach with Crab Daddy's or Crab Trap.

    Best BBQ would probably be Southern Soul near the Demere/Frederica Road roundabout.

    There are some newer places near the intersection of Sea Island Causeway and Frederica Road (in that strip mall), but I can't speak for them.

    1. I've enjoyed the specials at J. Mac's. The regular menu has no stellar or world changing dishes, though they are all in general nicely done. Halyards is a nice stop too but it's been a while since I've been.

      I can second the Georgia Sea Grill as a nice spot.

      Barbara Jean's is a chain and isn't worthy of an anniversary weekend dinner in my opinion. Think fried fish and tartar sauce.

      Can't comment on CJ's - never been.

      1. is my current favorite. It is in Brunswick and will save you 20 minutes each way from going to St Simons. Jayson & Christy were named one of Ga's 10 best by Ga Trend at their old place & now he has loosened up with more playful food that I prefer, some fusion and some southern not as formal as Chrisites was.
        The Georgian Room on Sea Island is 5 star rated, but Scott Crawford has recently left. It is very pricey. Delaney's on St Simons is a very good choice also. Do not let the limited posted menu scare you. Tom has 4 or 5 specials every night with a good mix of game and seafood.

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        1. Last few times I tried to go to Pearl they have not been open.

          1. re: realgone

            Yes Pearl has odd hours- Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings only, plus the last Sunday of the month thay have a great Sunday brunch. Since my friends and I are there often (once a week at least) I know their hours by heart- the food is the greatest!

            1. re: tuff9139

              It must have improved because the kitchen was always weak, Saboo was the only reason to go, since he left I see no reason to go for the kitchen.

              1. re: tuff9139

                I have recently gone to Tumtim Thai in the old Matteo's location and think it is the best Asian in Brunswick since Saboo left Pearl. Wonderful spicy foods not the boring brown sauce of the other places in town, unfortuneately they do not have sushi. Wasabi's or Fancy Q do not compare to the work that Saboo did at Pearl..

                1. re: beteez

                  I too have been to Tuptim, several times. Yes, it is good for American Asian and a change of scenery. But Tuptim is for the American palate- their Pad dishes are all made with that "brown sauce". Try the Yum Woon San salad- that is more classic than many of their other dishes. But again, Pearl offers way better atmosphere, fun and classic dishes, sushi and prime steak Negamaki. You've beaten me if you have gone to Wasabi- its ina bad strip mall and since Fancy Q's was closed down last year by the health dept I won;t return-sushi has to be perfect. But Gnats was closed down too for health violations and these crazy people here still flock there thinking that's its cool. Ugh. I believe in paying for the best food my money can buy- Pearl here I come!!! But remember Pearl is French and Asian so I can have their great Escargot as an Appitizer and then a sushi roll for dinner and be in heaven. Mix in wine or sake and I'm the happiest. Yum.

          2. Uhh, people give web addresses in recs all of the time and most of us (particularly the lazy ones like me) find it very helpful. I'll also say that beteez has consistently provided some of the best recs for SSI/Brunswick over the years, recs which I agree (mostly) with based on my summer there and subsequent mostly annual trips over the last 10 years.

          3. for lunch or REALLY casual from my memory a year and a half ago but also a recent poster, the rah bar (out at the pier right by the jekyll island club) is great peel & eat shrimp and such. the other restaurant right there (also has inside seating - latitude something) isn't as good. have fun.

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            1. re: AMFM

              We went to Coastal Kitchen ( for my birthday in the Fall and my entire family LOVED it. It's actually located off of the causeway, on the right side if you're heading toward the island (just before you get to the island itself). If you go, get the bread pudding or cream pie if it's on the dessert menu...we all fought over the last bites.

              1. re: bluemoon4515

                Beautiful location Coastal Kitchen, but the food is only so-so. Congrats on a great meal, 'cause that isn't the norm for those of us who live here.

                1. re: tuff9139

                  Tuff since we know you dont like Jayson & love Q what is your opinion on Tom Delaney, who is one of my favorite chef's in the area?

                  1. re: beteez

                    I have dined at Delaney's 5 times (plus or minus), 3 were great and 2 times so-so. The 2 so-so's were this year which leaves me a bit confused. I do enjoy that his menu offers different selections than the same ole stuff- I love game- all varieties.