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Good wine bars in SF?

belma79 Mar 10, 2009 04:52 AM

I'm looking for good wine bars in SF. Can anyone recommend any? I'm specifically interested in trying mid to high-end Californian wines by the glass. A long time ago someone recommended Vino Venue, but I see that's closed now! Press Club has mixed reviews. Anything else out there? Thank you!

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  1. Senor Popusa RE: belma79 Mar 10, 2009 06:48 AM

    For ambiance I very much enjoy Hotel Biron, it is located on Rose, in the alley behind Zuni Cafe.

    1. Windy RE: belma79 Mar 10, 2009 07:37 AM

      Most midrange and up San Francisco restaurants will also have a decent selection of wines by the glass. Mission Beach Cafe and 1550 Hyde are both good choices, as is Fish and Farm.

      1. Paul H RE: belma79 Mar 10, 2009 08:03 AM

        bacar restaurant has an extensive wine by the glass program which you can get at the bar. They will have a pretty good selection of California wines. The wine-by-the-glass list is on their website.

        Cav is another popular place near Hotel Biron

        Cav Wine Bar
        1666 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

        448 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

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        1. re: Paul H
          belma79 RE: Paul H Mar 10, 2009 09:04 AM

          bacar has a great list! thanks paul. merry edwards, peay.... very good!
          thanks everyone for all the other recommendations. i'll look into them now.

        2. Robert Lauriston RE: belma79 Mar 10, 2009 09:40 AM

          California Wine Merchant is as the name suggests Cal-centric. http://www.californiawinemerchant.com...

          Press Club is eight winery tasting rooms sharing a space. If you're interested in one or more of those eight wineries, check it out. Otherwise, forget it.

          WINE in Embarcadero Center has gotten pretty Cal-centric under the new management and always has some high-end stuff (lots of lawyers and bankers in the neighborhood).

          Hotel Biron has about eight California wines on its rotating list of 50 by the glass.

          Cav is one of my favorites, but their list is pretty Euro-centric. Same goes for my other favorite, Terroir.

          Here's a pretty comprehensive map of wine bars in and around SF:


          Press Club SF
          20 Yerba Buena lane, San Francisco, CA

          California Wine Merchant
          2113 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston
            belma79 RE: Robert Lauriston Mar 11, 2009 03:06 AM

            thank you, these are all great suggestions. hadn't come accross california wine merchant before in particular, very good advice! thanks again everyone.

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