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Mar 10, 2009 04:46 AM

Anyone Tried The Scone Shoppe Point Pleasant NJ

Scone Shoppe Bridge Ave Point Pleasant Boro. Has anyone tried this place yet?

Please shared your experiences. Thank you

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  1. Hey shabbystorm, I stoped by the Scone place on bridge ave today. It is a really nice family run business, the kind of place I like to support. They offer tea sandwiches as well as a great variety of scones. I would say it is set up like a tea shop everything is served on real China and I will definitely go back to have something there. I picked up four scones to bring home,chocolate, white chocolate, apricot and nut and a white chocolate and cranberry. The scones were absolutely terrific and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have never had such scones and my wife and I could not stop eating them. They are very very buttery, almost like a sugar cookie on the outside and a really great texture on the inside.

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      Thanks Boatboy - Road Trip Time :)

    2. This place definitely makes the Must Try List for NJ - These Scones were AMAZING.

      Brought them home for dessert last night and my husband says, you know I don't like scones, I'm not eating them. I said, you have not tasted these! After one bite he agreed these are wonderful.

      The small shop is open from 8-4PM each day. I did not sit down for formal tea (but it is extremely civilized and quaint I just did take out.

      They make 8-10 varieties each day.

      Brought home a triple berry - blueberry - and a cinnamon chip (like coffee cake) Cannot say enough good things.

      Here is a list of their flavors:
      Apricot - Apricot Walnut - Blueberry - Blackberry - Butterscotch Toffee - Cranberry - Chocolate Delight - Cherry Chocolate - Cinnamon Pecan - Chocolate Cinnamon - Coconut - Cinnamon Raisin - Cinnamon Chip - Date and Nut - Cinnamon Apple - Fig Pistachio - Fruit Cake - Ginger Peach - Cran Organge - Gingerbread - Hazelnut Chocolate - Lemon Poppy Seed - Mixed Nuts - Smore - Nutty - Oatmeal Raisin - Peanut Butter - Pumpkin - Peaches and Cream - Pear Walnut - Pineapple - Raisin - Red Raspberry - Raspberry Dark Chocolate - Sunshine - Toasted Almond - Triple Berry - Turtle - Very Berry - White Chocolate Macadamia - Coffee Flavor Scones Double Mocha Cappuccino - English Toffee Cappuccino - Hazelnut Cappucino

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          2401 Bridge Avenue Point Pleasant NJ 08742

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            My husband and I went today and bought about a half-dozen scones. I have to agree with shabbystorm - they're wonderful. Most scones I've had are dry; these are delicious and practically melt in your mouth.
            As an added plus, the shop is in a strip mall so there's parking.

        2. Just returned from a Saturday morning road trip to Ocean county starting with the Scone Shop to pick up a 1/2 dozen to go. Lovely people run the place. Had to sneak a few bites in the parking lot on the way out - DELICIOUS. Cant wait to sample the rest at thome.

          Now on to our first vist to Karen & Irv's for breakfast - EXCELLENT and a real value here with great rye bread. Could not leave this place without getting a Pastrami on rye to go which will be lunch.

          Chowhound heaven today ...

          On to

          1. just went there this morning. I live in Brick and go there all the time. I've been to almost all the tea houses in NJ and she has the BEST scones. It's a nice family business. Theresa has a nice limited lunch menu. Her mom, son, daughter, aunt and niece work there. They are a great bunch of people. You should go - it's worth it!

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              My husband and I went to the Scone Shoppe yesterday for lunch. We loved it! Long story short, their soups and their luncheon foods are AWESOME!
              I had a pear/ walnut scone that was quite authentic but a tad too airy and light for me. I did not appreciate my husband's chocolate cherry scone, as I felt it was too sweet and it just didnt feel like a real scone to me. I guess I am a scone snob, having had tea at the 2 best places in London, I kinda know...a tiny bit lol. BUT.......big but here....the scones are superb, dont get me wrong. I am definitely going back. The tea is excellent.

              I highly recommend the Scone Shoppe and I want to bring everybody I know there!
              Im sorry for my lack of detail, but I really need to post about the Buffet Europa we went to last night...please look that post up in a few hours when I get around to formulating details about it.


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                Hi, me and a group of girlfriends enjoy going to different tearooms in NJ. I noticed you wrote that you've been to just about all of them in NJ. I'd be interested to get a list of them from you if you have the time to email them to me. Thank you.

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                  There is a tea shop in Medford that I know of called The Mulberry Tea House. I had lunch there with my wife one day: They have some nice little sandwiches, and the staff was very friendly. Gotta love downtown Medford! -mJ

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                    In case tea shop lady does not see your request, this should help:


                    The Mulberry Tea House, mentioned by njfoodies, is ranked #2 in New Jersey. Teaberry's in Flemington, which I know well, is ranked #1. Teaberry's has wonderful scones though I don't frequent enough places to compare them to the other locations mentioned in this thread.

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                      Great link Ambrose! Will have to add that to our blog for all the tea-o-philes out there! -mJ