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Mar 10, 2009 01:11 AM

Gone! Gone! Gone!

Took a special trip to TST lunch time in the hope of trying out a couple of my all time favourite luncheon dishes from ' Heung Kong Shui Yuet ". The dishes were ' Yellow roe she-crab congee' in a bamboo barrel and ' Fried Ho-Fun with fresh frogs in a black bean sauce'. The sauce of the latter was awesome, unlike any black bean sauce I have tasted! Guess what?! The place has closed down!! Hard to imagine such a high calibre kitchen cannot survive?! Wonder where the chef went? Worth seeking him out just to try the black bean sauce frog legs Ho Fun! Sigh!!!!

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  1. Do you have the name of the place in Chinese? I can't quite figure out what place you are talking about.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      The above was the English pronounciation of the restaurant's name in Cantonese. Its located on Nathan road between Austin road and Hill wood road. S'pore hound klyeoh have been to that place also. May be he can help me with the insertion of the Chinese character.

      1. re: Charles Yu

        hey Charles

        it's just creative destruction....

        the area you're talking about is Jordan no?

        "fragrant" "harbour" ____ ______ ??

            1. re: skylineR33

              ohhhhhh it wasn't a "local's" place....