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Mar 10, 2009 12:37 AM

ISO Venue for Business Lunch-interview d/town VAN

Hey Chowhounders,
Any rec's for a venue for a business lunch in d/town VAN that would be conducive to an informational interview w/ a relatively relaxed vibe?
Don't want any place super stuffy nor super casual. Must be d/town and not a corporate chain with great service.


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  1. More than 3/4 of downtown Vancouver restaurants suit that! So, 3 that come off the top of my head, are Market by Jean-George @ the Shangri-La hotel. Carderos with the patio view, and Joe Fortes - also has a great patio too, depending on the weather. All not stuffy & not chains! There are sooo many other choices though!

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      Market is a good call (I haven't been, but I hear very good things). It's surprisingly inexpensive too.

    2. Presto Panini on Hornby St @ Smithe. Great food, great service, intermediate casualness, not a chain. Just don't go at 12:00 or you will feel rushed and cramped.