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Mar 9, 2009 09:06 PM

New to Nassau...WHAT IS GOOD???

I am new to the Nassau county area by way of Chicago and have not had really any good dining experiences thus far. I don't know many people and the places I have been told to try have not been that good. Are there any authentic Greek/Spanish food places? I notice a lot ( A LOT) of chains and Italian restaurants which seem to serve the same things everywhere. So I guess my question is simple: what are the absolute best places to eat on Long Island? Cheap, expensive, doesn't matter, I just want good!!!

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  1. Hi Sprock.

    I'm not sure where in Nassau you are, but I can give you a few recs. I live in Great Neck, so most of these are in northwestern Nassau.

    For good Greek, I would recommend Ethos in Great Neck. For Spanish, I like El Parral in Syosset (I think). There is great Indian food in Hicksville, and the best Thai restaurant in NYC (Sripaphai) is about to open a branch in Williston Park. There's also Lugers in Great Neck for steak.

    I'm not that partial to Italian food and I avoid chains and malls at all times, but there are still a few decent places.


    1. If you let us know where on LI you are eating we can give specific suggestions. For now here are a couple of recent threads as well as a link to a Newsday food blog that has among its contributors fellow Chowhound Erica Marcus.

      My favorite restaurant on LI is Peter Luger in Great Neck. There is great food out there but it will take some searching and traveling. Good luck and post oftenwith questions and reports on where you have been.

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        Stuart, thanks for the shout-out. The best link to use for our blog, Feed Me, is

        I've posted this week about a new place in Lynbrook, La Tavola, that looks very promising, and also about a fairly wretched meal I had in Long Beach.

        ALSO new and good in Nassau: Ciao Bella in Valley Stream, right under the LIRR tracks.


        1. re: emarcus

          Srip is opening in LI? When? Where? That's fantastic!
          Also, there was a recent post about a Chinese restaurant in Westbury with a mysterious second menu that contained different food. Someone ( I believe emarcus) called for a menu and they denied the existence of a second menu...
          Any follow up?

            1. re: abu applesauce

              Called Sri last week and was told it will be a couple of months until Williston Park opening.

              Went to Asian Fortune and other menu was right there. I asked for a copy to post but all they had were laminated and could not give it to me.
              Took out DanDan Noodle and MaPo Tofu. Both real good.

              1. re: phantomdoc

                i passed by Srip today, definitely agree with the couple of months, was thinking as i passed about how they were possibly going to open in late march, seemed impossible, not i know i was right.