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Mar 9, 2009 08:18 PM

Keswick Theatre, Glenside walk and eat

The last post about anything walkable from the Keswick Theatre was more than a year ago, so I think it warrants a new inquiry. We are going to the Fab Faux in a couple of weeks and would like to go a little early, park someplace good, and find a place to eat prior to the show. Is there anything edible nearby? We're looking for anything from pizza, asian, to great american food. Nothing fancy.

Thanks! Hope things have changed since the last post.

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  1. Athena is a nice greek restaurant in about a block or so from the theater. Good food, reasonable prices, BYO. If the weather is nice, they have an outdoor deck.

    Also, my favorite place for pre/post dinner drinks is GG Brewers, right across from the theater. It is a very small, very casual local spot, the owners are great, they brew their own beer (its decent) and also offer reasonably priced local PA wines.

    1. I second the Athena recommendation. Make a reservation, though; I've been there when there are large pre-show groups there, having a great time. Park in the lot behind the Keswick & just walk across to Athena. The lot will be virtually empty when you arrive for dinner and allow you to pick a spot that looks good for an easy exit when the show is over. Also allows you to make a detour to the car to stash any doggie bages easily before you go into the show.

      There is a Chinese place next to the theater, but I can't vouch for it. Also don't think it's BYOB.

      1. I've always just ended up at the Kewsick Tavern when going to a show there. The food is nothing spectacular, but decent enough for pub grub and they do seem well prepared and used to dealing with pre-show crowds. They will definitely get you in and out on time, but it's just your standard wings/burgers/salads/etc (and a more limited menu on show nights to make sure everyone gets served on time).

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        1. +1 on Athena. They make a great grilled whole fish (I think it was striped bass last time I was there) of the day, Greek style; with olive oil, lemon and oregano. It's a whole 2 minute walk to the Keswick afterward. Bring a good bottle of wine and you will be good to go!