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Mar 9, 2009 07:12 PM

Easter in Bologna

My husband and I will be in Bologna over Easter weekend and are wondering what our options will be for dinner on Easter Sunday and Monday, as it looks like many of the restaurants will be closed.

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  1. Because lunch is huge on Easter Sunday in Italy, many places are closed for dinner. I would suggest that you go with the flow and make lunch your main meal on Easter Sunday - and that you reserve in advance. There should not be more restaurants closed on Easter Monday than on a normal Monday.

    1. On a monday we ate at Biagli della Grada on Via della Grada, a litttle difficult to find and a huge restaurant. There were only seven of us eating in total, but the waitress was a sweetheart. We ordered a bottle of Chianti Classico Peppoli (Antiniori 2006) which was a reasonable 21.00 euros, soft and delicious. To start we had a platter of mixed meats, super smoked ham and a delicious salami. The very thin flat bread tatyed very floury to us so we stuck with the rolls. (BBy the way, the bread in restaurants always seemed superior to that which we purchased in bakeries). For our primi we chose a rissotto with zuma (pumpkin) and tiny pieces of smoked cheese. it was cooked to perfection with the cheese just put on top at the last moment. A great mix of flavors. We also ordered taglietelle ragu with a very strong meaty taste. We shared cotoletta a thin piece of breaded veal covered in ham and melted mozzarella and manzo, thin slices of beef cooked medium rare and very tender. Both dishes were served with tiny oven baked potatoes and we also ordered a grilled gratined vegetabels. The tomato was not as sweet as it could have been but the griller eggplant and the zucchini were lovely and smoky. Only a sorbet for dessert and the total bill was 99.00 euros. It was worth it just for the rissotto alone.


        See the reviews for this restaurant. It's the best. Call ahead.

        1. Dear Lindy74
          We were in Bologna on 28th-30th Dec 08 and found a lovely (&affordable) restaurant that was specialized to local cucina: Ristorante da Ercole, Piazza Minghetti ( We were not impressed with either their "menu turistico" nor the looks but it was late and most other restaurants were closed so we decided to get in anyway. And I´m glad we did. Service was most friendly and their food....absolutely perfect. They have many delicious local dishes to choose from (starters 8e-10e, first courses 8e-12e, meat dishes 8e-18e, side dishes 3e-5e, desserts 3e-6e and wines from 4e/0,5litres) and I promise their Trippa alla Livornese (10e) is divine. We also tasted Ravioli di ricotta con tartufi e porcini...mmmm.
          I don`t know if they are open on Easter but you can contact them by email:

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            Ooops, the right www-address is (not, because they rent apartments for one to thirty nights . Sorry.