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Mar 9, 2009 06:07 PM

Some notes, updates and questions for Ossining/Sleepy Hollow

I first noticed a bunch of little places when I started my empanada trek a few months ago. So while driving through the towns today, I stopped and wrote down in my little black book the names and locations of a number of little restaurants that caught my attention. For the most part, I don't recall any comments here on chowhound about any of these. Any ideas? Anyone tried any?

* Las Palmeras - Rte 133, Croton Ave (didn't catch the address, but it's on the north side of the street). This looks like it might be more of a live music club kind of place? But it looks like a bar/restaurant too.

* Las Americas - 87 Croton Ave (Rte 133), Ossining, NY. The name and sign/logo (map of all Americas) suggests some pan-Latin diner place. But the sign did say " Ecuatoriano" so I'm guessing it's got an Ecuadorian bent? The window also advertised morocho (a drink common for breakfast), which I associate with Ecuador too. Also advertised was tamales, empanadas, humita, horchata, etc.

* Tierras Tropicales - 84 Croton Ave (Rte 133), Ossining, NY. This place looked pretty dark and beaten up on the outside, but seemed to be pretty crowded inside. I have not idea what kind of food you'd find in there... Puerto Rican? Dominican? Central American? Anyone know?

* Colombian Cafe - 27 Croton Ave. (Rte 133), Ossining NY. I couldn't catch any more info on this place other than the name and address. It looks like a decent sized place though...

* Amazonas Restaurante - 60 Beekman Ave, Sleepy Hollow, NY. This is on the corner of Beekman and N. Washington St.. The name really sticks out to me. Is it a Brazilian place? That's really the only country I can think of that hearkens it's name back to the amazon. I guess technically it could be Peruvian, though I doubt it for some reason.

* Rosita's Restaurant - 230 N. Washington St., Sleepy Hollow, NY. This tiny place was packed at around 3 p.m.. Judging by the little hand-written sign out front, I'm guessing Ecuadorian? It seemed to have a strong breakfast/lunch leaning, advertising tamales, tapioca, humitas, morocho, etc.

* El Paraiso Del Sabor Restaurant & Cafe - 185 Valley St, Sleepy Hollow, NY. This is a pretty big place, directly across from Los Andes Bakery and Que Chula. Judging by the "Pollo Ala Brasa" neon sign, I'm gonna make a wild guess that it's Peruvian. Anyone been?

* Sweet Majos - 185 Valley St., Sleepy Hollow, NY. It wasn't clear from the outside if this is part of El Paraiso or just next door, but it shares an awning. The sign out front indicates it's an ice cream shop. I wonder if there are any fun Latin ice cream flavors?

* Que Chula - 180 Valley St., Sleepy Hollow, NY. OK, I know this place is well known. But has anyone been recently? How has it been? I still haven't tried it... but would like to. What's good these days?

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    1. I'm also curious about the Sleepy Hollow places you mention, particularly Rosita's. I've been to Que Chula es Pueblo several times and really like it. The menu has a good mix of Tex-Mex standards and a few interior Mexican (tortilla-free) dishes. Most recent experience was last Saturday night, which seemed to be an off night (I hope). All other visits have been on weekdays.

      There's never really anyone in Amazonas when I've walked or driven by, so I haven't been tempted. Sweet Majos wasn't that great, just standard flavors IIRC. I prefer Main Street Sweets in Tarrytown.

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      1. re: uitsmijter

        thanks for the info. I think Amazonas warrants a visit. Some of the best places I've tried are the most empty! Rosita's is a tiny nook of a place. It looks stark inside, though packed with people.

        1. re: adamclyde

          Passed by Rosita's this afternoon. From the hand-written board in the the window, it looked like a Peruvian place: lomo saltado, papas a la huancaina, etc.

      2. Thanks for bringing these places up -- particularly those in Ossining! We've been here a few years and have wondered the same thing about these places. We always think about checking them out but when pressed for time for meals, tend to steer toward familiar joints. We're excited to hear feedback from folks and will post if we visit them soon.

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        1. re: golightly01

          i live in ossining too. did you get to try these spots?

        2. I can only comment on Que Chula, which I like... particularly the Sopa de Pan... an onion and garlic broth, with 2 eggs poached in it and some crusty croutons -- delicious. The mexican paella is very good too. Not a bad guac, as well. yum

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          1. re: woodburner

            Amazonas is Ecuadorian. I haven't been in a while but enjoyed the meals I've had there. Not real special but hearty home style cooking. Que Chula is above average but for me not as good as the white plains/port chester choices.

          2. Ate lunch at El Paraiso Del Sabor this week. It's Ecuadorian, very casual with authentic home style food. You can choose food off of the steam table or order off the menu. For $7 I had a luch with soup and main course. The soup was a big bowl of beef and yucca soup with fresh cilantro. Hearty and delicous. The main course was guatita, a stew of potato and tripe. Lots of rice and some salad. This is not a fancy place but for chowhounds looking for true Ecuadorian food, very reasonably priced, check it out.

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            1. re: PBB

              Great report. Thanks for passing it on. It seems there are quite a few Ecuadorian places around the area. Next time I'm around there I'm going to pop into this place. Then go across the street for some take-home empanadas...