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Mar 9, 2009 05:46 PM

Where to buy La Cocina Alfajores? (outside weekend farmers markets

Hello -

Does anyone know of a store I can buy La Cocina alfajores?

I usually buy them at the farmer's market. I'd like to have them for my bookclub tomorrow night!

Does anyone know if they are at the Tuesday Ferry Bldg market?

Thank for any help!

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  1. Those are the alfajores of Sabores del Sur, made at La Cocina, which usually has some in stock. give them a call.:

    Or contact Sabores del Sur directly to see if they haven't distribulted all of them yet.

    Oh, I think Bi-rite Grocery carries them, too.

    And, if you can't get the alfajores in time, consider bringing some of La Cocina's other products--Kika's Treats (wonderful chcocolate-covered cookies) oe NeoCocoa's fabulous chcocolate truffles. NeoCocoa is one of the newest local artisans in town, and the fresh lime truffles, as well as the ginger truffles, are impeccable!

    1. Canyon Market in Glen Park sells the big ones.

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        Thanks. Got lucky and got the last 5 packs at Canyon Ranch on Tuesday.

        I called Bi-rite, they don't carry them anymore. And then I talked to La Cocina and they only listed Glen Park's Canyon Ranch.