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Mar 9, 2009 05:31 PM

St Patricks Day suggestions

We're going out with another couple that evening and are looking for good food and a good time. They mentioned Tam O'Shanter, and a couple places we've not been. We all live near the Pasadena area, would rather not go more than 20 miles . . .

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    1. I'd say Lucky Baldwin's....

      or.... look around and check where The Poxy Boggards are playing..... they'll be up in Pasadena area somewhere... it will be a free show and they play some seriously rollicking old Irish/ English drinking songs...... they love food almost as much as they love I'm sure there will be eats at the pubs they'll play.....

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        They are "on hiatus" according to their website show schedule, til late spring or early summer, and their last tweet was a couple weeks ago so that probably stands.
        Both of these are promising suggestions, we'll see where we end up, maybe go to a restaurant and then a bar or two!