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Mar 9, 2009 04:48 PM

Has anyone been to Chicago Curry House by South Loop?

A Indian curry house has recently open at my grandmother old folk home and it is call Chicago Curry House. It is located by 900 S, Plymouth cr. I past by there and saw that they have lunch buffet for 10.99. Has anyone been there for buffet or dinner and can give em soem impression of the place?

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  1. I have not been there; hopefully someone here has and can give you their impressions. However, the owners also own the Curry Hut in Highwood; I've been to the Curry Hut and it's quite good.

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        It's a long thread, so I'll repeat my comment:

        "The place has a pleasant curry-infused ambience, bar service, a Tandoori oven, and a very large menu with Nepalese specialties and many, many vegetarian offerings. There's a luncheon buffet, and altho I'm not usually attracted to those, ]I have been there for dinner. I found it to be a pleasant experience, the cuisine somewhat uneven, altho with one very memorable course: khasi ko maasa (goat meat w/ bone, Nepalese style), and that winner alone was enough to make me want to return and try more.

        Chicago Curry House
        899 S. Plymouth Ct.
        Chicago, IL-60605
        Tel: 312-362-9999"

        Unlike ferret I do intend to return to try some more of the Nepalese specialties.

      2. Haven't had a broad range of items but it was okay. Not great, but decent. I haven't been back and don't really plan on it.

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          We went there for a friends birthday dinner. It was fairly busy so our service was kind of slow. My fiance and I are vegan and we found plenty to eat. We had the veggie momo's, they were delish. In college I worked at an Indian/Nepali/Tibetan restaurant and I missed Momo's! We also had Chana Masala which was ok, we've had better at Raj Darbar (on Halsted). Curry House has a large menu so there is still a ton of stuff to try, I am sure we'll go back.