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Mar 9, 2009 04:37 PM

Best Delivery Upper West Side

Honestly the only place I get delivery from reguraly is Land Thai, I get the same thing everytime, Pad Thai. They are the only place that provides great food at a fair value

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  1. i'd love to know of a good delivery place on the UWS too...i've been in the neighborhood for 5 months and i don't have a single place i like to order from...

    1. Which part of the UWS is that?

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      1. re: Pan

        Lincoln Center area

        I ordered from Earthen Oven recently...but the food wasn't quite as good as the (excellent) meal i had there at the restaurant a few weeks it was a bit pricey: two veg dishes, one fish, and some bread: with tip for the delivery guy, it was 60 bucks...which seemed steep for a pretty small amt of fish...

        As i posted about before, what i'm really missing is some regional Chinese delivery, as i was spoiled when i lived near GS St.Mark's and ordered from them weekly....

        1. re: Simon

          I live across the street from Lincoln Center, and here's what we rely on in the delivery realm:

          Chinese - The Cottage
          Thai - Siam Inn NY
          Indian - Sapphire
          Comfort Food/Breakfast - Manhattan Diner
          Sandwiches - Lenny's
          Bagels - 72nd Street Bagel
          Italian - Parpadella
          Sushi - Matsu
          Random Fav - Pita Grill of Hell's Kitchen

          These are some of the best I've found in lower UWS--sadly we miss out on a lot of the good stuff in the 80s

      2. If you live in the Lincoln Center area, you are within the bounds of Tulcingo del Valle and Tehuitzingo for great Mexican food, mostly Pueblan stuff. Lucky's Famous will deliver great burgers and onion rings somewhat akin to Shake Shack. And Wondee's is not bad for Thai.

        Sadly, if you live just north of Lincoln Center, but too far south to be within biking distance of the delivery Mecca near Columbia, your choices are much more limited. In my area, my lazy nights put me in a rotation of Big Nick's, Land, Earthen Oven, though more often than not I just pick up something from Fairway.

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        1. re: JungMann

          i'm just north of Lincoln Center so i'm out of Wondee's range, i believe (i think i called them when i first moved here and they said no)...

          Any Pueblan dishes you recommend at the Mexican places?...

          1. re: Simon

            I haven't really strayed from the tacos at Tehuitzingo, particularly the sangre which is intricately spiced enough to be a mole. I've been meaning to try their menudo which is only available on weekends. At Tulcingo del Valle, the moles are pretty good. The cemitas used to be good, but I've had bad experiences lately and so stick to standard tortas instead.

            1. re: JungMann

              Those two Mexican places sound good but I think I'm out of range for delivery based on at least one of the site's info. Are they worth eating at? I assume they are not destination spots, so assuming I already have reason to be in the neighborhood ... or maybe I just order in for lunch one day since my office would be in range.

              1. re: uwsgrazer

                I don't think Tulcingo del Valle is necessarily worth the trip. I'd rather head up to Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana for full dishes. The adventurous tacos at Tehuitzingo, however, definitely warrant a visit.

        2. hi james, no need to create an account, but if you enter your address on, you'll get a list of some restaurants that deliver to your area. i'm in the 80s on the UWS. places that i've found decent through seamless include:

          -- cafe con leche (good cubanos, tomate con queso sandwich and other sandwiches, mofongo, tostones; most entrees aren't great IMO)
          -- bruno ravioli (great sandwiches and cannoli, ok prepared pastas)
          -- la vela (good pastas, so-so entrees)
          -- turkuaz (i find the doner to be sliced too thick and oversalted, but the flavor is fine if you don't mind the thickness and salt; stuffed cabbage leaves are decent; the bread that comes with your food is sometimes fantastic)

          you might also be within range of:

          -- sobre ruedas taco truck (nytimes review here:
          )-- noche mexicana (mexican street food style, including tamales)
          -- gabriella's (more upscale mexican fusion)
          -- flor de mayo (peruvian chinese)
          -- hampton chutney (fusion dosas)
          -- harriet's kitchen (burgers, comfort food)
          -- charm thai (nice grilled items)
          -- saigon grill can be alright with careful ordering. stay away from the gloppy, overly-sweet entrees and order a few appetizers or the passable pho / bun for dinner.

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          1. re: cimui

            I'm in the high 80's and these are the spots we order from with decent results.
            Chinese Food is very hit or miss. No where I order from is consistent, but China Fun and Hunan Balcony can be okay on some days.
            Really liking Telios, a new greek place on Broadway and 90th. Good value, and good portions.
            Pio Pio and Flor de Mayo for roasted chicken are always good bets. For Indian, it's usually Earthen Oven, or Indus Valley.
            Saigon Grill is good, but I like their soups and noodles, so typically eat in there.
            Ali Baba is good but overpriced, and Sido is just serviceable for kabobs, hummus and the sort.
            Land, Thai Market, and Wondee Siam (108th, I think) are all good options as well.
            Pizza and Chinese are the most lacking options on the UWS, but there are plenty of good thai, italian, indian and american options.

            1. re: UWSEater

              This is a lot of the places I order from as well. My go-to Thai these days is Charm, which I like a lot more than Land personally.. I agree on the Chinese front. I order from Hunan typically.. sometimes it is quite good and other times it's really kinda bad.

              For Italian I really like Coppola's. The one time I ate at La Vela I thought it was awful so have avoided that.

              I'm a fan of Pinch/Smac these days for pizza (and the mac and cheese).. Not traditional of course but I think it's pretty tasty. I haven't ordered in from Dean's but the pizza there isn't bad either.

              1. re: uwser

                i can't do any Manhattan Thai...i'm on 100%'s Queens or LA or Thailand or nothing

              2. re: UWSEater

                Just noticing this now-- I agree, it's become more difficult to find good Chinese food. My new discovery is Ozen on Amsterdam and like 97th, I think. It's Asian Fusion-- so they've got Thai as well, but right now they seem to be the only place that has decent Chinese food, consistently. Granted, I've only tried a couple of the items (standards like beef with brocolli, and that ilk) but so far, I'm sticking with them. Also second (or third) Charm Thai. Yuki is great for sushi. Other favorites have already been mentioned -- actually, there is another good Indian place on 94th between Amsterdam and B-way. When I find the name, I'll post. For Pizza I hear good things about Little Ceasar's -- though I'm not a big pizza eater myself.

              3. re: cimui

                Excellent lists--I'm this same area and it tough! For quick delivery and OK good add Chirpin Chicken. True Pio Pio is better, but they don't deliver to low 70-high 60s. Also add Malecon, but again, they don't deliver to the lower part of the UWS.

                1. re: Ora

                  El Malecon makes excellent pollo a la brasa, but I've found that they tend to mess up delivery orders, or at least they did several times, so we gave up on delivery from them. I think it's a language issue. They understand English well enough if you show up and order for takeout, but as everyone knows, it's harder to understand a second language over the phone. And my Spanish is nowhere near good enough to have a really clear phone conversation in Spanish, although I do have "restaurant Spanish" that I can use for in-person ordering, if necessary (and it really isn't necessary there - when you're in-person).

                  1. re: Ora

                    I am so remiss! I've never eaten at Chirpin' Chicken! Must remedy...

                    Thanks, Ora. =)

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