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Mar 9, 2009 04:25 PM

Sushi YYC experience, need a destination

Ok.. so my little one is turning 7 Tuesday (tomorrow) and she is wanting Sushi dinner which is great I usually go to Wa's ( a trip across town) But I was hoping to take her somewhere more fun... or unique. Shoji rooms, water fall, bridge fish.. sushi boats... you know.

We go to Kinjo by Chinook lots and love Peter... but I guess I am really hoping for a Sukiyaki House type place ... Has the new one reopened yet? the web site says March 09...?

Any ideas for a really cool dinning room with great sushi?


JM> just read your post about the new place on 17... whats the inside like?

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  1. The Sushi Boat in Crowfoot NW has Sushi Boats. And a water feature. You can watch the kitchen crew cut up the fish and prepare Sushi from scratch with the help of some (for kids) interesting machines.
    My daughter does not like Sushi, but enjoys the Miso Soup and watching the action.

    1. O Shima- it's pretty boring. More of a business lunch environment.

      Sukiyaki House is re-opening in the Penn West 1 Bldg, same bldg as Rush, at least as far as I know, and I've heard it's not open yet.

      Sushi House Richmond has sushi on a little train set, and it's not bad sushi either.

      1. Fujiyama downtown has the rooms... so does sushi ginza in willowpark village (I think... I haven't been there in years)... but I remember it being somewhat japanese themed. Here's a link to some pics from sushi ginza...