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Mar 9, 2009 04:23 PM

San Bernardino


So I have only spent a short amount of time searching so far, but the lack of results has me worried and asking this question….

Can anyone out there reassure me and point me in the direction of a couple of decent places to eat in San Bernardino? I am heading there in a few weeks for a course and all I can seem to find are chain restaurants, or a very limited number of small places that seem to lack a lot of information.

Last few trips I’ve been on I thought I had the knack of picking out places before hand and allowing myself to have a good time when away form home- this time I am a little concerned. My first issue is that I didn’t pick out my hotel and I think I am staying in chain restaurant central – so any decent evening places around the Hilton on East Hospitality Lane would be greatly appreciated. I found one reference to a Sister BBQ, but found no other information. There seem to be a couple of Indian restaurants that so far might be my base camp, all the Mexican places I find I am either struggling for information or the menu does not seem particularly exciting. Any pointers for a place to have a couple of beers and a decent meal at the end of the day.

Lunch I think seems a little more positive, but any places downtown worth checking out? I won’t have a car so it will be good if places are accessible by bus – any lunch places up near the Omnitrans depot on West 5th Street would also be appreciated but I think a couple of the Mexican places look okay.

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  1. Downtown SB is pretty dicy and I personally would not want to go there by bus. Around the Hilton there are a lot of chain restaurants. There's a Japanese place adjacent to the Hilton that isn't bad.

    1. You going to be right in the middle of chains, nothing good nearby, and dont take a bus anywhere in San Bernardino!! I would suggust going to Harriman Place which is a walk away and try BJ's Bewery, good Pizza and beer and nice crowd

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        The more I hear about San Bernadino the more excited I get about this trip!!!! I think I might just stay in my hotel room and eat potato chips or something!

        Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out.

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          Rent a car, about 5 miles away is downtown Redlands which is a charming small town with excellent restaurants along State Street and Orange Street.

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            Quick follow up to my trip

            First night I grabbed a French dip in the hotel bar that was okay. Second night I enjoyed a really good curry at the Delhi Palace-Cuisine of India. The Tamarind chutney was amazing, the sish kebab reminded me of drunken Saturday nights back in England and the lamb vindaloo was not far from perfect (in terms of a UK version of a vindaloo – this was what I want when I order vindaloo not the usual dish that American Indian places serve). And to wash it all down a good selection of Indian beers – a couple I had never tried before.

            Next night I tried the Peruvian place down the strip mall from Delhi Palace. No beer was a little disappointing, but the spicy dip with the roasted corn was pretty good. a couple of cans of Inca Cola washed down an okay Lomo Saltado. Nothing special but for the setting it is okay – I guess a couple of paces around here have spoiled me a little on this dish.

            Lunch was catered, breakfast was eaten in the hotel, nothing to exciting - and the hotel bar supplied an okay beer in the evening, so the trip that I was REALLY REALLY not looking forward to wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating in terms of food.