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Any Peppermint Paddock Fans Out There?

I'm just about to finish a case of d'Arenberg's Peppermint Paddock that I grabbed about six years ago. It's a Sparkling Chambourcin from Australia and anyone who has had terrible sparkling burgundies (Which I think they used to call Cold Duck?) should give this wine a chance. I've shared every bottle with someone who has never had a sparkling red (most people under 40) and it has been a hit 100% of the time.

From a wine merchant's site...

"(The Chambourcin) produces a heady sparkling wine with an irresistible purple color, an aroma of violets and blueberries still on the bush and a fruit-forward taste that is balanced by some pretty serious tannins and acidity. Not really a quaffer, this deserves some big, lusty food. Ribs on the BBQ is not a bad idea."

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  1. My least popular thread ever! :)

    I assume that Peppermint Paddock is really under the radar, or not liked, so I will just highly recommend it and slink away. I got my bottles at The Wine House in LA. Cheers!

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      3 yearstasting and buying d'Arenberg from the SoCal distributor and I never heard of this let alone tasted it. A quick Google shows it at at Zachy's in NY and not available at K&L. Appears not to be a majorly distributed product, which probably explains the lack of response.

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        Because I just got it at my regular wine shop, on the recommendation of a friend, I didn't realize it was so poorly distributed. Thanks for the info. :)

    2. My partner is a huge fan, he stumbles across it once in a while and picks up a few bottles. To me, it tastes too much like the fizzy juice I scooped out of fermenting bins of Cabernet when I was a child, but I think I have a psychological block which is preventing me from giving it the full benefit of my attention. Isn't it close to $40 a bottle?

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        I think I paid about 25 or 30 bucks a bottle and, yes, the fizziness really throws some people for a loop. But, generally people have warmed up to it really quickly in my experience. I serve it slightly chilled and the blood red bubbles smell incredible. Damn, now I want one. Thanks a lot Steve. :(

      2. I'm definitely part of the 40ish cohort whose only experience with sparkling red was the occasional lambrusco but I was intrigued by this thread so bought a case (from Zachy's, they were great to deal with). I'm drinking my first glass now and it's a knockout, thanks for the recommendation! (I don't think I chilled it enough so I put the bottle back in the fridge but it's still pretty great as is.) I disagree that it's "not really a quaffer" since I'm enjoying it on its own and yet somehow I was suddenly compelled to order a pepperoni pizza with crushed red pepper. Thanks!

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          You got the Zachy's stash! Jealous!!

          Pairing a Peppermint Paddock with a spicy slice is completely in the spirit of that wine. Sounds delicious and glad you're enjoying it. I'm sitting on a single bottle of '99 and am not going to crack it until I have some backup. :)

          Ps Found a Peppermint Paddock info page I've never seen before, fyi...


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            Thanks for the tip. Looks like I may be able to get it online. They don't mention the wine on the site, but it's available for sale under "sparklings".

          2. Hi; my sister and I are great Peppermint Paddock fans. We've just managed to track down a case...in Scotland! Now the deal is to get six bottles to me over the border in Derbyshire, England, 300 miles South. Tricky but worth it! It's a great wine, big on bubbles but full of flavour and it packs a punch.

            1. WOW! Just had my first bottle over the weekend and I AM IN LOVE!! Had it with some gutsy antipasti. We had never seen it in stores anywhere and ordered it in The Vineyard Wine Bar in Havre de Grace, MD on the basis of a description my husband received in an email. The proprietor was able to hook us up with another bottle to take home. Was just googling around and was glad to find this thread.

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                Good, isn't it! word is getting around.

              2. I'm a big fan of brachetto d'acqui and the like, but the name of the wine is really Peppermint Paddock? That's just so off-putting.

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                  Go on, give it a go if you can find a bottle. The taste is not off putting at all. And, it sounds different to just about any wine I know. Now we have to start a competition to list all odd sounding wines....but bet they all don't taste as good as the Paddock!

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                    I accept your challenge—if I can find it!