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Great Greenwich or West Village Restaurants

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Anything goes! All suggestions wanted! Anything delicious!

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  1. There are MANY if you are going from, say, West 14th to Houston Street, anything west of Broadway.... any parameters? Atmosphere? Service? Price? Cuisine? Any specific wants/likes/dislikes/allergies?!

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      I love Italian, Mexican, American, sushi, Chinese...any price range. I just love the atmosphere over there and if I knew some great restaurants, I'd love to spend more time!

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        Market Table
        Blue Ribbon Bakery
        Grey Dog
        Corner Bistro
        Employee's Only


    2. Mas Farmhouse, Commerce, Cafe Cluny, Mary's Fish Camp, taim, Kingswood

      1. Tons of places- Babbo, Perry St., Perilla, Fatty Crab, Lupa, Westville, Rhong- Tiam, Aki, Grano, Blue Hill, Market Table..... just to name a few

        1. Fedora, while the cuisine may leave a bit to be desired, is like stepping into a time machine. On the other end of the spectrum, the Minetta Tavern just re-opened to raves. One if by Land - Two if by Sea is still absolutely delightful.

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            I love August (on Bleecker at Charles). The food and the atmosphere are wonderful! They have a cute glass-enclosed atrium in the back. The restaurant is pretty small and cozy overall. Nice brunch, too.