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Mar 9, 2009 03:42 PM

Barcelona pre cruise

Will be in Barcelona for the first time. Staying at Hotel Jazz for 2 nights pre cruise. We are a group of 6. Looking for good, reasonably priced restaurants/tapas without venturing too far. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. We were in Barcelona recently and absolutely loved it. You will be blown away by the architectural treasures, especially those by Gaudi. Do not miss the Sagrada Familia!!

    Foodwise...I have no idea where the Hotel Jazz is, but my recommendations are centrally located in or near the Barri Gotec where for sure you will want to go. Two restaurants which are definitely worthwhile and not terribly expensive are the Cafe de l'Academia, a small atmospheric restaurant serving typical Catalan food, and 7 Portes, a large historic restaurant which specializes in paella and which is terrific. Both restaurants are very popular and require reservations. Do not go to Quatre Cats (? spelling)...the very touristy restaurant which is famous for being a haunt of Picasso. The food and service there are awful!!

    If you really want to splurge one evening and experience a bit of what Ferran Adria's El Bulli is like (Spain's most famous chef whose restaurant is impossible to get into), consider having dinner at Comerc 24 in BCN. It is not cheap, but you will experience a unique meal composed of multiple small plates each of which is more delicious than the last. See:

    An excellent and very traditional tapas bar is El Xampanyet in the Born district, right near the Picasso museum and the Santa Maria church. It is very crowded, but with a short wait, you probably can snag a table.

    You will certainly go to El Boqueria market, and we had a terrific lunch at El Quim in the market.


    1. In addition to the earlier post, search this board and you will find tons of recommendation of all types and all price ranges.