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Mar 9, 2009 03:00 PM

Beijing for Beginners!

Hi fellow CHOWers!
My hubby and I are heading to Beijing for the first time on the 17th on a slightly-more-then- shoestring-budget and we're looking for places to eat! It doesn't have to be fancy, but we do travel on our stomachs, so as authentic as possible would be nice. We're staying near Tiannimen Square if it will help with the recs.

thanks in advace!

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  1. For shoestring budget, you can always walk to Wang Fu Jing Food Street 王府井小吃街 at night. It is actually quite touristy. There is also a small alley on the side on the pedestrian walkway in Wang Fu Jing with many small restaurants and food stalls. It seem there are more domestic tourists here. But the one I will highly recommend is to try a fast food chain 天津狗不 理 (sorry, I don't have the English translation); they serve Tianjin style dumpling, rumors is that it is the favorite dish for Empress Cixi. You can watch a youtube show (but it is in Mandarin but at least you get to see the dumpings):

    For restaurant scene, there is another recent thread on Beijing: . And there have been many restaurants recommended before, so perhaps you should do some research first on past threads.

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      English translation is Tianjin 'dog wouldn't want it' steamed dumpling. They are a very typical and famous northern food.

      Was in Beijing, similar location and budget, a year and a half ago. WFJ food street was more interesting than delicious, though not sure I made it to that side alley. There are tons of snacks on that food street for 3-7 RMB. Breakfast, strictly street food - jian bing, stuffed breads, youtiao, soy milk, 1-3 RMB each. All great, would do that again. Went to Quanjude for Beijing roast duck, around 100RMB per person iirc.

      At the time I was passing through on my way elsewhere in China; if I was coming to China but ONLY going to Beijing I would seek out some other Chinese regional food there. (we're all wondering: if travelling on stomach, why Beijing? : )

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        Pepper Mill and Four Season :)
        Thanks! Much apperciate the recs! We'll check out the food street and report back!
        My Hubby and I are actually taking a three week vacation in Hong Kong right now, so Beijing is just a side trip. ( We're in HK for business, family and the Rugby 7's as well). Needless to say, we're eating well here!! but I have to admit I'm looking forward to the Jian Bing and the Soy Milk up there!