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Mar 9, 2009 02:51 PM

"A Taste of Punjab in" Seminole

I heard that that this new Indian restaurant has opened on Park Blvd. Is it a new one or is it "Curriez" under new mamagement? Any one tried it yet?

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  1. It's a few miles away from Curriez.

    1. DH and I went to A Taste of Punjab today, and coincidentally met up with some friends that also chose to go there today, so we all we sat together. DH and I are former restaurant owners, and most of us had been to India (and most Tampa Bay Indian restaurants and festivals), so went with high expectations. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by a Punjabi hostess and a turbaned Sikh. The place was not real big, but very clean. I have to say we all were very pleased with the buffet we had. Everything was covered, some with rather awkward, large metal lids that had to be set just so to be placed back, but at least everything stayed hotter and fresher that way. It had a "salad" - which were some fresh-looking raw veggies, and the dishes were Basmati Rice (good texture and flavor), Vegi Pakoras, Chicken Makhani, Beef Curry, Curried Pakoras, Saag Paneer, Mixed Veggi, and Tandoori Chicken. Condiments were an onion chutney, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, achaa, and a raita with boondi. Warm naan was on the table, and a free Pepsi product beverage is included in the $8.95 lunch buffet. The standard Kheer was also available for dessert. All the dishes seemed to have tender proteins, and very tasty, well-balanced sauces. The dishes we most preferred were the Mixed Vegi and the Chicken Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken). The least was the Curried Pakoras, only because we prefer them hot and crisp, and not cooked in a sauce.
      I am not sure if/how much the buffet dishes change day to day, and of course, a full menu is available. We all agreed it was MUCH better than our numerous visits to Curriez, and will go back very soon to A Taste of Punjab.

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        My husband and I tried the lunch buffet today and have to disagree. The place isn't anywhere near as nice as Curriez, but if the food had been better, I would have overlooked it. I spent most of the meal picking the chicken skin and gristle out of the chicken in the chicken curry. The tandoori chicken was so dry and tasteless it may have been leftover from the previous day and just reheated, and the rice was crunchy in bits. My husband was mad I made him come here instead of the usual place. Won't happen again. Big disappointment all around.

        1. re: DFLA

          We have been back and did not think the buffet was up to par either, but hubby carried out Lamb Vindaloo from there one night, and enjoyed it. What is your usual place, DFLA?

          1. re: triff

            I hated to sound so mean about this place, it really wasn't terrible, I just expected with the reviews it would be so much better than it was. The service was very good. We normally go to Curriez, but we wanted to try something new. We may try Angithi in Tampa for dinner.

            1. re: DFLA

              If you are going to be in that part of Tampa, please go to Cilantro. I've eaten there many times, and their food and service are both fantastic. Even Taj, which is good but not fantastic, is vastly greater than Angithi. I would like to say good things about Angithi but I can't find anything good about the place. There are too many good Indian places, and many decent ones to waste time on something that foul.

              1. re: TampaAurora

                Best hurry with Curriez, it's so good it's up for sale!!

                1. re: TampaAurora

                  We went to Angithi on the advice of an Indian friend and I thought it was fantastic. Their naan was not quite as good as Cilantro's but the entrees were as good. My husband actually liked his Vindaloo better at Angithi. I'll be back to both.

                  1. re: rhnault

                    Next time you go to Cilantro, ask for an order of 'Peshawari naan'....

                    It's something very special....

                    I went to Jai Ho yesterday---- 500 yards west of Angithi...


                    It was very good... 'Goat Curry'...
                    The creamy noodley dessert Semiya Payasam was inconceivably delicious...
                    Much better than Cilantro's version, and I LOVE theirs!


                    Otherwise, the food was as good as the other places in the area...
                    Very nice folks too...

                    Realize I only went once...

                    1. re: Mild Bill

                      I actually had the Peshwari naan at Cilantro. It was sooooooo good!

          2. Try it, its great!! I can't tell you anything about the buffet as I love curried food, but have no interest in buffets. I have tasted several of their dishes, and they are very good. I will work my way through the menu, then start again!! Very clean inside, and a nice young polite indian girl was serving. I'm sooooo happy there's a good one nearby in PP.

            1. I did a takeout order a few days ago and was also pretty impressed. For one thing, everything I ordered was in the bag when I got to the car, including chutneys and everything. This makes a very good first impression. My Chicken Vindaloo was spiced hot as I asked for. The chicken was moist and tender and the sauce was very flavorful. It was not the tart, vinegary style nor a thin sauce that a lot of places have, but rather a thick pleasant sauce that was very tasty.
              The Chicken Korma was very silky and soft and also had nice flavor. I ordered it mild as my 7 year old was going to be eating most of this dish. It was actually served more like medium, it had a little bit of a kick and was too spicy for her, and we fed her something else so I got to eat the Korma, which was lucky for me. Next time I will likely tell them to please make it extra mild as a child will be eating it.
              The Aloo Gobi - potatoes and cauliflower also had a nice flavor. I could taste the ginger in it and was ordered and served medium.
              The Chicken Soup was quite tasty. It had broth and chicken, not any rice and it was not thickened with lentils, but still had a nice flavor, was reddish in color and had a good amount of chicken. The serving was not small like some places.
              The full appetizer platter was also quite nice. I enjoyed the samosas. It came with a piece of ground lamb kabob, which was moist and very flavorful. It had pieces of tandoori chicken and chicken pakora, neither of which were dry - like they are at many places. The pakora batter was slightly greasier than I had hoped it would be, but it is deep fried, so not unexpected. The Paneer Pakora, deep fried cheese was good and also not dry. The one appetizer that missed the mark was the vegetable pakora which was a little dry and overcooked.
              The naan was well made and the rice was enjoyable, cooked the way I like it, not overcooked and each grain separate and distinct. Too many places make it mushy, not here.
              Overall, I am pleased to have a reliable Indian place so close by. I will definitely be back.

              1. I had heard that the former chef from Lazziz in Clearwater might be heading up the kitchen of a new Indian restaurant in the Pinellas Park area. Does anyone know if this is the place? The food at Lazziz had been wonderful before the change of ownership last year.

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                  I was at Curriez in Seminole tonight and found out that their chef is the former chef of Laziz. I had been wondering about this because the last time I had Curriez' Palak Paneer it had reminded me of Laziz' version from their glory days.

                  That being said, Curriez had an off night tonight with my takeout order. The appetizer platter was way overcooked - bordering on burned. They also forgot the chutneys. Their rice was overcooked. Fortunately, the garlic naan and the chicken Bhuna were good.

                  Robert R.