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Mar 9, 2009 02:48 PM

bought sole fillet sat - ok to eat tonight?

Ack! I didnt get a chance to make this sole sat or sun - is it past its prime or can i make it tonight and be ok?? Usually i only buy fish at the market when I am making it that night...


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  1. I would smell it - if it smells ok, I'd cook it, if it doesn't, I'd pitch it. If it smells odd, I'd rinse it off and pat it dry and smell it again though first!

    1. Assuming it was properly refrigerated, it's fine.

      1. In the fridge and smells good. Eat it. I just all smell all my seafood. the only true way to tell. I would of eaten by Sun, but I would think ok

        1. As long as it was properly refrigerated it should be just fine.

          1. I would only use it if it was stored on ice that could drain as it melted in the fridge, by now the fish is at least a 6 days from being caught and that's being conservative, unless of course you live on the coast.