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Dress Code Jean George

We are going to lunch Wednesday at Jean George for the first time and I would like to know what the dress code is. Are jackets and tie required. I would also like to know what the good dishes are at lunch. Thanks all.

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  1. best thing to do is just call the restaurant and ask

    1. none. you heard (read) right.

      1. A jacket is required, but I'm pretty sure a tie is not.

        1. Even though there is no official dress code, most men wear jackets and ties. Last time I had lunch there I wore a nice dress and my boyfriend dressed casually. We were treated very well, but stood out a little bit. I couldn't care less, but my boyfriend felt a little out of place in the sea of blazers.

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          1. No jacket required. I never wear one for lunch.You can look the part without one or you can not.
            Shortribs are worth a shot.
            Skip the risotto if mushroom.
            Don't care for the seafood dish with champagne sabayon. Might have been lobster but I think it was more to do with my taste than the execution.
            Scallops were good.
            Seared shrimp looks good though I cannot recall if I actually had it. I know I have thought of ordering it on more than one occasion.
            Arctic Char was good.
            One of the Whites by the Glass(French) was superb but I cannot recall it exactly. For shame.

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              The scallops are fine but not worth any supplement.

              Based on a lunch my brother and I had there a few months ago, our impression is that the best food is the most classic, and that fusion items (or at least the ones we had) tend to have unbalanced flavors, with one ingredient (such as soy sauce or ginger vinaigrette) drowning out the others.

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                Is lunch different from dinner in terms of requiring jackets? Sorry if I led the OP astray on that. Last time I went for dinner, they lent a jacket to one of our dining companions.

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                  Just called the reservation line.

                  In the main dining room, jackets are required for dinner. For lunch, they simply ask no jeans, no tennis shoes.

              2. We went for lunch not too long ago, and I'm pretty sure no jacket was required.

                1. Irvingk:

                  I went with a friend and we had four fantastic dishes:
                  1. Foie Gras Brulee was very rich and very delicious
                  2. Young Garlic Soup with Sauteed Frog Legs was very aromatic and had a complex combination of flavors. The frog was a nice touch.
                  3. Skate with Chateau Chalon sauce was very simple in presentation, but an excellent sauce, once again a complex combination of flavors.
                  4. Nut Crusted Snapper was outstanding as well

                  The desserts were very good, but not quite up there with the other dishes. One of the amuses, a shot of cauliflower soup with cumin, was probably the most memorable for me. We had our server match wines for us and that was a great decision. She even wrote out the wines. Very gracious service all-around to go with fantastic food.

                  As others have said (and it says somewhere on the website) jackets are not required at lunch. There were even a few people in jeans.

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                    Thank you all so much for your help. Looking forward to going tomorrow.


                  2. Have a wonderful lunch. I second the foie gras brulee, it's absolutely amazing. I thought the short ribs were much less exciting.