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Mar 9, 2009 02:22 PM

Late lunch/drinks near NBC in Burbank

Out-of-town visitors will be attending a taping at NBC tomorrow night. They have to be in line at 5:00, so we'd like to meet them for a drink and/or snacks before that. Nothing fancy, just someplace to hang out and visit for an hour or so.

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  1. The little Choza Mama peruvian cafe is right across the street/patio dining. I don't think they serve alcohol, just some interesting south American soft drinks.
    There's a branch of Acapulco across the street, and a McCormick and Schmicks about 1/4 mile southwest on Olive.....not sure what time happy hour starts at these two. Michaels Bar & Grill is also practically across the street and a bit north on Olive.

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    1. re: jillso

      I just couldn't recommend Choza Mama... the food is just not up to snuff. I'd go to the Smokehouse or McCormicks and Schmucks... or up to Bistro Provence.

      1. re: jillso

        M&S happy hour starts at 3:30 or 4:00pm and goes until 7pm. The bartenders are quite good there. Happy hour food is okay with the exception of the 1/2 cheeseburger with fries that goes for $1.99. It's pretty good.

        1. re: attran99

          Check your happy hours -- M&S happy hour in Anaheim and Santa Ana is only till 6.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            My mistake...I remember the happy hours from years does only run until six.

            1. re: attran99

              til 7..... and they make one hell of a drink........ try the sidecar.....

              no mix... just pure fresh fruit juice.... the way cocktails should be made.

              1. re: missliisa

                I'm sorry, but you're giving wrong information. I called the Burbank location and happy hour is until six.

            2. re: Das Ubergeek

              how is Bistro Provence? never tried it, but always seem to pass by it.

              1. re: kevin

                Decent. Watch the salt and eat quickly as it overcooks on the hot plate.

            3. re: attran99

              I second and third the recommend for M&S.... adn the happy hour went to 7 last time I was there..... and that was recently...... and a great bowl of steamers is only 10.95..... how good is that?

          2. Ribs USA may be some of the best ribs in L.A. It's on Olive down the street from NBC.

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            1. re: Shug5K

              please...please don't hurt yourself on Ribs USA......

              be good to yourself.......

              1. re: missliisa

                yes, i second that sentiment.

                you wouldn't want to waste a good thing.

            2. Acapulco's is across the street...has a bar, food is blah, but at least it's a place to meet prior to the taping...

              1. Thanks everyone - it looks like it'll be M&S. I didn't realize there was one in Burbank.