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Mar 9, 2009 02:11 PM

Seoul, JeJu Pork

Heading to Seoul,. Has anybody eaten this? Is it true that the pigs are fed_____?

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  1. I hadn't heard of this before your post, I'm heading to Seoul next weekend. Maybe I'll make some inquiries

    1. acorns? you mean the black pigs from jeju?

      1. NOT acorns.. I also made that assumptions and was hoping for a yet undiscovered Korean Pata Negra but I believe you are refering to 'sh!t'. The pigs were traditionally housed adjacent to the local outhouse and considering the times these days, it seems to be a sound ecological way of 'waste' managment. However, I just got back from Jeju-do and from my understanding (would like confirmation as well) I was told that the pig farming is more commercialized and grass fed. The pork seems to be tauted so I assume they have somewhat larger pig farms to feed the demand. However, it's a small island and i didn't even see one live pig. There are plenty of restaurants that advertise the pig but I don't recall where I ate. It was the marinated grilled black pork served tableside in a big wok. However, I didn't find it really that great. but was not sure what to expect. I'd like to hear what your experience is like and if you find more information.