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Mar 9, 2009 02:10 PM

Good eats/drinks near the Garden?

Going to see a concert on Wednesday night at the Garden and haven't been out in the North Station/ West End area in a couple of years. What's new and tasty? A loungy place with good cocktails and yummy small plates would be ideal. Anything fit that bill? Otherwise, I suppose we could settle for pints at a pub, but we're more a cocktail crowd.

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  1. I liked NEBO, its towards the North End but on the Garden side of North Washington.

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      I ate at Nebo recently and was disappointed. Expensive and I wished I had walked down to Regina's.

      This section of town is still limited on good eats. There is the Flat Iron for decent tapas and the newest place is Johnny's on the Southside (I think that is the name - old Commonwealth Brewery). Haven't tried it. The Waterfront Cafe which is a walk down Altantic (about 10 mins) has good bar food. Dylan and Max opened in the old Copia space on the Charlestown side.

      If you find something better please let me know. I'm always exploring that area for food finds.