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Mar 9, 2009 01:59 PM

Wolfgang Puck's 'Cut' Steakhouse - Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

I Ended up joining friends Friday evening @ Wolfgang Puck's Steakhouse restaurant 'CUT' in the Palazzo Hotel. Having walked by it many times over the past year..never giving it much notice. I was pleasantly suprised when I walked through the door.
I loved the clean, decor....mostly whites, chrome and hard wood. The restaurant had almost a modern 'Beachy' feel.

We ordered a few appetizers for the table: The Big Eye Tuna Tartare, Wasabi Aioli, Ginger, Togarashi Crisps, Tosa Soy ,
Bone Marrow Flan, Mushroom Marmalade, Parsley Salad and
Butter Lettuce, Avocado, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Champagne-Herb Vinaigrette.

The best starter IMHO was the Bone Marrow The flavors were rich, meaty and creamy. I scooped out every last drop from the bones...the mushroom marmalade on the sides of the bone were a nice addition to the dish.

Alongside the appetizers we were served some of the best breads I have ever had in a Vegas restaurant.
On the table were long parmesean baked bread sticks which looked like branches displayed in a wooden box.
We were also served a wonderful warm pretzel bread w/ a violet mustard, a stone ground mustard and a spicy mustard. A homemade pumpernickel bread and a warm, soft carmelized onion foccacia.

For dinner 2 of my dining companions ordered the U.S.D.A. PRIME, Nebraska Corn Fed, Dry Aged 35 Days filets

I shared the American Wagyu / Angus “Kobe Style” Beef From Snake River Farms, Idaho
Porterhouse 34 Oz which was served w/ bernaise and a house steaksauce. we had it cooked medium in the center pink on the sides. It was sliced and served w/ the bone on the side....

We also order sides of Brussels Sprouts, Confit Bacon, Pearl Onions , Cavatappi Pasta, “Mac & Cheese”, Quebec Cheddar , and Yukon Gold Potato Puree which we all shared. The Brussel Sprouts were roasted perfectly. I loved the smokiness of the Confit bacon....yum.

We shared a warm donut dessert w/ different was truly decadent.

Service was fun, attentive...w/ a sense of humor.
Everything was timely and spot on.
Kudos to Lionel and Carlos for making the evening really special!

A wonderful experience......

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  1. How did your dining companions like their steaks? Was it worth the price? How about your porterhouse? I didn't even know they served the Amer. Kobe in that cut? Sounds awesome.

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    1. re: danieli10

      They offer American Waygu and Japanese Wagyu.
      It was pricey...I think the porterhouse we shared was around $175. The steak was tender, flavorful and cooked perfectly.

      I would like to do a comparison between the American and Japanese.

      You could also choose from Illinois and/or Nebraska Corn fed.

      I have had the Porterhouse @ Carnevino which too was fabulous and would have to say $ 4 $ it was well worth it.

      1. re: ciaogal

        Great steakhouses in this town! Your description of the bone marrow flan made me think of the roasted marrow bones that I had recently at Botero; also incredible.

        1. re: Friend of Bill

          We just came back from Vegas and ate at Cut... we thought it was awesome! We got the sampler platter..

          4 oz Japanese kobe
          4 oz American wagyu
          4 oz prime

          We didn't taste much difference between the Japanese and Wagyu, but there was substantial difference between the American wagyu and prime.

          Regarding price... it's unbelievably expensive.. is it worth it? Depends on how much money you have. We plan on eating American Wagyu 3-4 times a year. We loved it!