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Mar 9, 2009 01:56 PM

Considering a move from BKLYN to Tribeca, help!

Hey all, so I've been living on the Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill border for 2 years now and have taken full advantage of all the restaurants, markets, and recent Trader Joe's addition. My lease is up May 1st and it looks like I might be moving to Tribeca, but I need to make sure my food needs can be attended to.

My GF and I cook 4-5 nights a Whole Foods our best seafood and meat option? Are there any small specialty markets around?

Those other nights we like to usually stay around the neighborhood for a bite to eat or take-out/delivery. What is selection like as far as solid, reasonably priced, Thai, Sushi, Latin American and Italian?

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  1. There is a farmer's market on Greenwich Street in front of Washington Market Park on Saturdays all year and Wednesdays part of the year. There is a wonderful fish vendor most of the year onSaturdays. They're not there now, unfortunately. They winter in Florida. But when they are there, they are the best Tribeca source for any seafood that lives in this region. The farmer's market also has DiPaolo's turkey from New Jersey, which is very good. Sometimes there is a vendor selling other kinds of meat. Other than that, there aren't a lot of neighborhood specialty shops. There's Bouley Market but it's awfully expensive. I have been happy with most of the fish and meat I've bought at Whole Foods but others may disagree. I also use FreshDirect. And Chinatown is close enough to walk to _ or a short bus ride.

    1. You'll be fine:

      -- you're close enough to Whole Foods and Gourmet Garage...and you could go to the Union Sq Greenmarket...

      -- as nyckaren pointed out, Chinatown is a short walk away, either for groceries or meals...there've been several great threads on Chinatown recently on the Manhattan board (most of them started by Lau) that have let many of us know about the delights of Cantoon Garden, Amazing 66, Shanghai Cafe, and other places...

      -- reasonably priced bistro, there's Odeon...and tons of Italian in the W.Village...

      -- but for Thai, you're out of luck on the entire borough of Manhattan: you'll have to go to Queens...

      1. You need to get out of Brooklyn and into the city. Tribeca is a no brainer. Just don't do Battery Park City. I've lived there for a year and It felt like I was on Gilligans Island.