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Mar 9, 2009 01:45 PM

big group in playa

Hi -- we're going to a resort outside Playa del Carmen with a few other families -- we'll be 13 altogether. We're not so interested in eating at the hotel, but we're very interested in trying some of the places that have gotten great word on Chowhound. Will it be hard to go with 13 of us? Would, say, La Terraya, El Fogon, or Cactus take reservations for a group this big?

And what shouldn't we miss???? Thanks.

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  1. None of the above take reservations. La Tarraya is large enough and they can move tables around to handle you all, in the sand under the palms.(one of few spots with palms). It's primarily a lunch spot. Frederique at Cactus only has 6 small tables, and she would love to have you all for dinner, and you would pretty much have the whole restaurant for your duration. El Fogon, Yaxche, and Babes will have difficulty seating you all together. Oasis has very good sea food and is large enough to take your group and rearrange as necessary. For fancy with reservation, I suggest Negrosal ($$$). Beautiful artistic setting, glass floor in the dining room over the wine cellar. La Parilla on 5th ave, at calle 8, is one of the old originals that does the flaming tableside stuff and has the mariachis. A bit tacky, but fun for first-timers. I do tacky, and the food is actually pretty good and varied. It has been the top grossing restaurant in Playa for 30 years.
    A wonderful spot for breakfast for you all is Garden of Eating, one block north of Constituentes between 10 and 15 aves. She does evening also, sometimes with soft live music. A pretty outdoor setting. Buen provecho!

    1. Actually there were a couple of groups that size at Yaxche when I was there the other night, but it was my least favorite meal in Playa. For a large group I would reccomend Pesca (I think they should be able to fit you but call ahead) or the rooftop at carboncitas (get the salsas and the al pastor).

      1. Thanks so much -- I'll report back!