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Mar 9, 2009 01:01 PM

Myrtle Beach food economy

Has the economy hurt"" The Beach "". It is one area of the US that does not offer an Entertainment Book . does offer some help to defer the cost of eating . Are there any up scale eateries that ,because of the enconomy offer a discount ? Where do you go for good food value @ reasonable cost in Myrtle Beach??

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  1. If you get down Murrells Inlet way try Prosser's. It's Southern home cooking served buffet style so it may not translate to everyone's taste. But if you like that sort of thing and you're in the neighborhood it fits your criteria.

    1. There are daily ads in the local paper, but fewer now that the weather is going to turn warmer. There are also coupon books to purchase that offer 'buy 1 entree get 1 free' or 'buy 1 get one 1/2 off' that include high end restaurants. One that I have is the Ritz book and it cost between $20-30 but offered lunch as well as dinner deals. Last year there was another one that could be purchased at Walgreen's but I haven't looked for it. It was about $15. They both included deals for golf.

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        And there is a vip card that has food aand entertainment coupons too. I would say there are deals everywhere you look here. As far as being hurt.The last two places I went this week were packed.

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          where can I get the Ritz book ?

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   will get you to their site and then you can click on The Ritz Book and download the form.