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Mar 9, 2009 12:45 PM

Where can I find live blue crabs?

Keep the wise cracks to yourself :)

Does anybody know of any seafood purveyors that I can get live blue crabs from? I have had them shipped from Maryland but had problems in the past. The shipping is very expensive and often only a few crabs are alive when they arrive. I think that Summer Shack still has them one night a week, but they won't sell live crabs.

Thanks for your help

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  1. Any good fish monger, whether they carry them or not,should be willing to order some for you. There may be a minimum for the order but that's just an excuse for a party.

    1. Joe's Lobster Mart on the canal in Sandwich has a live crab tank. Not sure what type of crabs, though. terrific prices and quality on all their fish and lobster. I believe the crab sells for $2 per pound. Give them a call:

      1. i dont know where you're located but ive had good luck getting live blue crabs at asian markets. I dont know if they're currently in season, but generally, you can call around a few places and ask before hand.

        1. find 'em here.

          I caught around 1,000 in 07, same in 06. 08 was a terrible year in SC CT.